Why your lawn needs Aeration and Scarification

lawn scarifier and lawn aerator

Yearly lawn aeration and scarification provide your lawn with the necessary boost to achieve optimal results, enabling air, water, and essential nutrients to penetrate the root zone – the three vital components for your lawn's thriving health.

Mowing, watering, and lawn treatments are fundamental aspects of lawn care. However, the addition of annual aeration and scarification truly enhances the vitality of your lawn.

Put simply, every lawn benefits from Aeration and Scarification. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the importance of machine work, exploring how Aeration and Scarification contribute to the overall wellbeing of your lawn. Whether you’re a seasoned lawn care enthusiast or just beginning your journey to a beautiful lawn, understanding the significance of machine work will undoubtedly transform your lawn care and elevate your outdoor space.

To understand the importance of Aeration and Scarification, we need to understand what ‘Thatch’ is.

What is Thatch?

Thatch is a natural accumulation of dead and organic matter either above or below the soil line. Over the year, thatch will naturally gather – mowing, sunshine, and rain all add to thatch on a lawn.

Some thatch naturally degrades. However, when the thatch gets too thick, it prevents essential nutrients from reaching the root zone, which in return weakens the lawn, encourages weeds, moss, and lawn disease. This is where Aeration and Scarification come into play. Both actions reduce the thatch in your lawn.

What is Lawn Aeration?

Aeration reduces sub-surface thatch and soil compaction. Compacted soil causes shallow roots in the grass plant, stunting growth and encouraging moss.

To aerate something is to increase its airflow. Aeration basically creates small holes in your soil so that the grass receives the water, air, and vital nutrients that it needs to grow as healthy as possible.

Although there are a few different types of Aeration, hollow-tine and fracture-tine are the best for lawns.

Our GreenThumb Lawn Operatives will be able to recommend the best type of Aeration most suited to the condition of your lawn.

Hollow-tine Aeration is the process of removing thousands of cores from the lawn by poking small holes into the soil and removing small plugs of soil and thatch.

Fracture-tine Aeration involves cutting tiny slits into the lawn. With the twist of the blade, the tines act as a small space, fracturing the soil and adding air. No soil is removed during this process, so no cores are left on the lawn.

What is Lawn Scarification?

Scarification reduces surface thatch.

Surface thatch naturally forms on a lawn. However, when it gets too thick it prevents important elements such as water, fertiliser, and oxygen from getting to the grass roots. The result is a mossy and spongy lawn, which encourages weeds, moss, and lawn disease. Scarification removes most of the surface thatch and should be a feature of any good annual lawn maintenance programme.

Here’s what we do: we take some core samples from your lawn and check how deep thatch is belove or above the soil line. If there’s too much excess thatch above the soil line, it’s a sign your lawn needs to be scarified.

When carrying out lawn scarification, we use a professional lawn scarifying machine which cuts through the thatch and moss, this makes space for all the important nutrients to reach the grass roots, creating a healthier lawn.

Scarifying a lawn doesn’t remove all the surface thatch in one go. Doing this would significantly reduce the amount of grass left on a lawn and this would be harmful. There is an art to scarifying a lawn and we recognise that all lawns are different, and this is reflected in our garden scarification process.

What are the benefits of Aeration and Scarification?

  • Thins out below-the-surface thatch
  • Reduces/removes the moss loving environment
  • Encourages root development
  • Increases water, nutrient, and air access to the soil
  • Relieves compaction in the soil
  • Improves the lawn’s ability to cope with drought and disease
  • An overall healthier lawn
  • Makes lawn treatments more effective

When does GreenThumb carry out Aeration and Scarification?

We Aerate and Scarify lawns either during the Autumn from late September onwards or during the Spring months.

How often should Aeration and Scarification be carried out?

Many serious gardeners carry out Aeration and Scarification twice a year. However, with our professional machines we believe once a year is good practice for a typical lawn.

How do I request Aeration and Scarification for my lawn?

You can request these treatments by getting in touch with your local branch - https://www.greenthumb.co.uk/pages/branch-finder

Aeration and Scarification is automatically included in our Standard and Ultimate treatment programmes. However, if you’re on our Basic programme, during your Summer Long or Autumn/Winter Long treatments, it’s likely you’ll receive a recommendation for Aeration and Scarification.

If you haven’t already had Machine Work before, your lawn will truly benefit.


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