GreenThumb Compaction

Compaction of soil within a lawn

Lawn compaction is the condition beneath a lawn’s surface where the soil particles are compressed.

Compaction is a very common lawn problem and a challenging condition for a lawn’s health. Clay soils are especially susceptible to compaction, but other soil types can suffer with it too.

Compaction causes a variety of problems on a lawn including: 

  • Moss
  • Water and other plant essential nutrients having difficulty accessing the root zone
  • Shallow root development
  • Weak grass
  • Soggy lawns, especially in the winter which encourages moss growth
  • Development of surface thatch, which means more moss
  • Encouraging dry patch – hydrophobic soil
graphic of Effects of compaction

What is the best treatment for lawn compaction?

Aeration and in most cases Fracture Tine Aeration. For information about what Aeration can do for your lawn, read more here.