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What is Lawn Aeration?

Lawn Aeration is the process of poking small holes in your soil so that the grass can receive water, air, and the vital nutrients it needs to grow as healthy as possible.

It’s the most effective way of reducing sub-surface thatch and soil compaction in lawns. Compacted soil causes shallow roots in grass plants, stunting growth and encouraging moss.

If your lawn needs aerating, you may find the soil is hard to touch, waterlogged lawn when it rains, and your lawn is spongy underfoot.

Illustration of how aeration works

The benefits of Lawn Aeration are: 

  • Relieves compaction in the soil.
  • Thins out below-the-surface thatch.
  • Reduces/removes the moss loving environment.
  • Allows air, water and essential nutrients to reach the root zone.
  • Encourages root development.
  • Improves the lawn’s ability to cope with drought and disease.
  • An overall healthier lawn.

At GreenThumb we offer both Hollow-tine Aeration and Fracture-tine Aeration.

Hollow-tine Aeration is the process of removing thousands of cores from the lawn by poking small holes into the soil with a hollow-tine aerator, removing small plugs of soil and thatch.

Fracture-tine Aeration involves cutting tiny slits into the lawn with an aeration machine. With the twist of the blade, the tines act as a small spade, fracturing the soil and adding air. No soil is removed during this process so no cores are left on the lawn.

Aeration is an essential part of a good annual Lawn Care, which is why we include a Lawn Aeration Service with both our Standard and Ultimate Treatment Programmes. We also recommend for a healthy, green lawn you have Scarification completed after having your lawn aerated.

  • A diagram of hollow time aeration

    Hollow-tine Aeration

    Hollow-tine Aeration is an effective way to thin-out sub-surface thatch in a lawn. It does this by mechanically removing thousands of cores from the lawn allowing essential water, air, and nutrients access to the root zone.

  • A diagram of fracture time aeration

    Fracture-tine Aeration

    Fracture-tine Aeration is a mechanical process that involves cutting tiny slits into the lawn. With the twist of the blade, the tines act as a small spade, fracturing the soil and adding air. No soil is removed during this process so no cores are left on the lawn.

Watch our Rules of Thumb video on 'Aeration' here:

When can I start using GreenThumb?

You can adopt our services at any time of the year. There is never a ‘bad time’ to start improving your lawn.

Do I have to be at home when you come and treat my lawn?

The majority of our customers are not at home when we call. Since all our vehicles and Lawn Operatives are self-sufficient, we can carry out your treatments as long as we have access to the lawns.

If you would prefer to be in when we are treating your lawn, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

I have children and /or pets. What should I be aware of?

We recommend that you keep off the lawn until any liquid part of the treatment has dried (approx. 2 hours). This stops it being walked off. And this is especially true of our NutraGreen Autumn Long Treatment, we recommend that you keep off the lawn for more than 2 hours then as it could stain a carpet or wooden floor, if it were walked into the home.

Grazing pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs should be kept off the lawn for a minimum of two weeks or three cuts, whichever occurs latest, to avoid ingestion of Ragwort, in particular, which becomes poisonous to them as it dies back.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, we want our customers to continue with GreenThumb based on our merits in creating a healthier, greener lawn for them - not because they are stuck in a contract. Of course, with our treatment programmes, you will need to sign a Direct Debit Mandate with the relevant T&C's which relate to this payment option.

What happens when you visit?

When we visit, we take several core soil samples, which will allow us to determine how compacted the soil is and examine the condition of the roots. Although there are a few different types of Aeration, professional hollow-tine and professional fracture-tine are the best for lawns. We will recommend the one most suited to the condition of your lawn.

When to aerate your lawn?

GreenThumb carry out Aeration during the out-of-season growing period, which is usually Spring and Autumn as this gives the root zone the greatest opportunity to receive water and air.

What happens to the cores left over from Aeration?

Some lawns may benefit from the cores being left on the lawn, going over them with a rotary mower (without the collector) which turns the cores into a form of dressing, but this is only applicable to certain soil types.

Your local GreenThumb will recommend the best way to get rid of the cores depending on your soil type, they may also offer a service to
collect them.

How much does it cost for my lawn to be aerated?

If you would like to know how much this service costs for your lawn just get in touch with your local branch.

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