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GreenThumb Why do I need my lawn treating?

At GreenThumb, we believe that a happy home has a happy and healthy lawn.  

A small investment in regular Lawn Treatments will pay you back with a beautiful lawn and a perfect backdrop to your home. After all, lawns commonly make up a large part of a property's footprint and yet, often, they're the most neglected 'room'.

Lawns are plants, they need regular feeding to grow and look healthy. Regular Lawn Maintenance and Treatments keep the lawn green, fight off and control weeds and keep it moss free.

GreenThumb are the UK's leading lawn care provider, offering a wide range of bespoke, localised services and products to suit your lawns needs.

We are the grass care experts turning tired, weed infested grass areas to lawns you can be proud of. We don't cut or water grass, weed borders, trim hedges, or offer any other gardening service. We specialise in what we are the best at:

green lawn in the sunset

Our aim is to provide your family with the most healthy, lush, and green lawn possible. We want to give your home the lawn it deserves.

We developed unique market-leading lawn care products, including the renowned ‘No Scorch' fertilisers. Advancing on from this, we now have our very own range of ‘NutraGreen’ fertilisers utilising all our years of experience, development, and technology; they are quite simply the best lawn treatment fertilisers. 

Our Lawn Care services, which will in most cases cost you less than DIY, are administered by trained, uniformed operatives. The treatments are also safe for children, pets, and plants.

Not only do we create wonderful lawns, as part of our service, but we also provide: man on his greenthumb lawn

  • A Customer Portal – allowing customers to view upcoming treatments, pay invoices online and view and accept bespoke treatment recommendations.
  • Advice on any aspect of your lawn, from lawn disease to which lawn mower to buy.
  • Our regular customer newsletter, Lawn Love.
  • Email tips, giving timely advice on all aspects of Lawn Care

Start your Lawn Care journey by booking a FREE consultation here