GreenThumb Weeds


Daisies, dandelions, clover, buttercups.  All very nice in a meadow, but not in the middle of your lawn. 

These wild flowers growing in the wrong place are often the main reason someone chooses lawn treatments.

Do GreenThumb's treatments deal with my weeds?

Of course, and generally you can expect over half of your weeds to die-off in any one treatment. So after three or four treatments, most of your weeds will have disappeared.

However, it is a never-ending battle to keep your lawn weed-free as seeds lie dormant and others are blown in from neighbouring locations, ongoing treatments are always necessary.

Below is a selection of the most common lawn weeds, although your local operative will be able to advise you as and when they carry out a lawn analysis if you have anything more 'exotic'.

creeping buttercup in a garden

Creeping Buttercup

Scientific Name: Ranunculus repens

Flowers fairly early on in the year, around April time and has vigorous rooting runners; common in damp lawns and clay soils.

Lesser Celandine within a lawn

Lesser Celandine

Scientific Name: Ranunculus ficaria

A low growing perennial with heart shaped leaves. Flowers between February and May with a single yellow flower which only opens in bright sunshine.

white clover in grass

White Clover

Scientific Name: Trifolium repens

The bane of many gardeners' lawns, this weed has rooting stems which creep along the soil surface. Flowers are white and appear between May and October.

daises within grass


Scientific Name: Bellis perennis

One of the most common, and popular, lawn weeds, the daisy is a tufted perennial with tightly packed flowers. The flowers appear all through the year, peaking towards the late spring, and have a yellow central disk with white petals.

yellow dandelion in the lawn


Scientific Name: Taraxacum officinale

Easily recognised lawn weed with a single, solitary yellow flower, which sits on a fairly weak hollow stalk, and flowers from March to October.

plantain within the lawn


Scientific Name: Plantago lanceolata/major

There are various species of plantain, which are common on bare ground but equally happy on grassland. This broad leaf weed grows close to the ground and is tolerant to trampling and mowing.

germander slender speedwell

Germander slender speedwell

Scientific Name: Veronica Chamaedrys

Very common in amenity grassland and turf, with creeping stems and small lilac flowers, with a white centre; flowers from April to June.

lesser trefoil

Lesser trefoil

Scientific Name: Trifolium dubium

Low growing but can reach lengths of up to 50cm. With 3 small, oval leaves and a tiny yellow flower, which appears between May and August.