GreenThumb Lawn Problems - Mossy Grass

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Homeowners complain more about moss on their lawn than any other lawn problem.

Moss thrives in damp and shady areas. Lawns usually affected are those with heavy surface thatch or compacted soils. Apart from thatch and soil compaction, the most common cause of moss on lawns is mowing too short.  It is important never to cut your lawn less than 25mm (1”) unless, of course, you like moss on your lawn. This is because lawn grasses struggle to survive when cut very short.

Will raking rid the lawn of moss?

Lawn raking will remove the moss in a lawn. It reduces the symptom – moss. But scarification and aeration reduces the cause – thatch.

What is thatch?

Thatch is a layer of living and dead organic matter, found between the grass leaf and the root zone. There are two types of thatch: surface and sub-surface. In severe situations the grass root zone can be found in the thatch layer.

Scarification addresses surface thatch, Aeration sub-surface thatch.

Moss control in our NutraGreen treatments

Moss control is included in the NutraGreen Spring Ready and Autumn/Winter Long seasonal treatments. It works by dehydrating the moss, turning it black and bringing it under control.

Nothing treats moss better than Aeration and Scarification, however don't cut your lawn too short.