GreenThumb Fairy Ring

Fairy ring lawn problem

What are they?

There was a popular belief that when you see a darkening ring in your lawn this had been caused by fairies dancing on the lawn. There are typically three types of fairy rings on a lawn.

A ring of:

  • mushrooms only
  • darker coloured grass with mushrooms at the edge of the circle
  • dead grass, with mushrooms at the edge; this is the worst type.

How do I know if my lawn has a Fairy Ring?

Look for the signs outlined above. Trying to water the area would probably show that it is not allowing water to penetrate the surface due to the soil becoming hydrophobic. Taking a soil sample from the area will show white fungus in the soil and no moisture in the area at all. It will also smell musty or mouldy.

What can be done if my lawn has a Fairy Ring?

Fairy rings are not easily controlled due to challenges caused by their source. A measure of control can be gained by treating the areas with a soil fungicide and a good water conserver.

GreenThumb will recommend the best approach as the treatment will be commensurate with the severity of the condition. There isn’t a one-size fits all solution and we would like to give you the best advice based on a personalised lawn analysis.