GreenThumb NutraBooster

StressBeater applied for a thicker lawn

 Another innovative solution of ours, NutraBooster, is designed to beat stress. Surprisingly, grass can experience stress much like we do, but this treatment provides the essential nutrients to revitalise the grass, promoting a lush green appearance and enhancing root development.

This advanced treatment fosters a dense, vibrant and robust lawn by inhibiting vertical growth and redistributing it throughout the plant, resulting in a luxurious green turf likened to a carpet. Picture this: shorter, denser grass rather than long blades. This makes NutraBooster an ideal solution for lawns struggling to thrive in shaded areas, as it promotes denser grass rather than longer blades. It is also particularly advantageous for clay or sandy soils during wet seasons like autumn or spring, when the lawn continues to grow but mowing becomes challenging due to excessive moisture. With horizontal growth instead of vertical, you'll find yourself needing to mow less frequently.

Importantly, NutraBooster doesn't just tackle grass stress; it also aids in controlling moss, promoting improved soil moisture penetration. Instead of water pooling on the grass, it encourages moisture to penetrate, reaching the grass roots where it's needed most.

NutaBooster is included in our Ultimate Programme but is also available as a separate treatment to any of our customers on our Standard or Basic Programmes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need a NutraBooster Treatment?

The NutraBooster Treatment is especially effective for lawns facing challenges, particularly those which have areas of small bare patches. But it's also an optimal choice for any homeowner desiring a denser, more lavish lawn with reduced mowing needs.
It's also an ideal choice for stressed lawns, whether after scarification or in hotter periods, as it aids in controlling moss and promotes improved soil moisture penetration. 

What is in a NutraBooster Treatment?

NutraBooster is a specially crafted liquid treatment engineered to help grass combat stress and expedite recovery. Its unique blend of macro and micronutrients, wetting agents, bio-stimulants, and amino acids ensures rapid colour enhancement, while fortifying the grass against environmental pressures.

When is the best time to apply NutraBooster?

We suggest scheduling a NutaBooster treatment at any point between April and September.

It's especially beneficial if you're unable to mow the lawn as frequently as desired, whether due to holiday plans or persistently wet weather conditions.

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