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Over many years with the ever-changing weather conditions, we are seeing more lawns with unwanted grass species, an increase in thatch and many other issues that will impact the look of the lawn.

The Lawn Refresh Treatment is a six part process designed to rejuvenate and transform a lawn by removing the thatch and introducing good quality grass species, along with aeration to ensure that air and nutrients can reach the soil.

  • Lawn Scarification, Lawn Refresh

    Deep Scarification

    Scarification, also known as dethatching, involves the removal of organic matter like thatch and moss from the surface of your lawn. This improves the grass's access to vital nutrients and sunlight

  • Lawn Aeration, Transform Lawn

    Lawn Aeration

    Aeration creates tiny holes within the soil, enabling vital nutrients, light and air to reach the root zone. Uncompacted soil encourages root growth, allows better air circulation and supports a healthier lawn overall.

  • Lawn Reseeding, Lawn Rejuvenate


    We Overseed using our exclusive Diamond Green grass seed allows us to introduce an enhanced seed variety that effectively substitutes underperforming grass. Our blend includes Perennial Rye and Fescue grass species, specifically designed to thrive in various environments.

  • hand showing greenthumb granular lawn fertiliser


    To promote successful seed germination, a nutrient-rich fertiliser will be evenly distributed across the entire lawn.

  • Grass seeds on soil with grass starting to spout and grow

    Top Dressing

    Next, we will cover the newly planted seeds and fertiliser with a 100% recycled, organic green waste. The Top Dressing contains high levels of essential nutrients that are crucial for stimulating seed development.

  • How often you should water grass

    Oasis Treatment

    Oasis, our bespoke water conserver, with a seaweed extract will help the seed germinate and establish effectively.

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Lawn Refresh FAQ's

Do I need to anything before my lawn has a Refresh Treatment?

We just need you to cut the lawn as short as possible before the treatment date.

What should I do after treatment?

All you need to do is water the lawn daily for up to 10 days. Usually for about 20 mins per day. After the seed has germinated, you can reduce watering to every other day if rainfall is low.

We also recommend:

• Not mowing until healthy growth is visible.
• Gently trimming the lawn when growth appears, cutting the top to 50mm (2’’). (Ensure the mower blade is sharp and the grass is dry.)
• After the initial cut, maintain a weekly mowing schedule.
• As the lawn thickens, gradually reduce the cutting height from 50mm to 40mm (1.5’’).
• If weather conditions allow, you can eventually go shorter and reduce the height down to 25mm (1’’).

What happens to the Scarification and Aeration waste?

Due to the intrusiveness of Scarification and Aeration, there may be a considerable amount of waste. We are unable to dispose of this waste – however, we will bag it up and place it on your compost heap, green waste bin or leave it to the side.

Are there any hidden costs?

If your lawn is heavily affected by weeds or moss, an additional treatment will need to take place beforehand. Extra cost may occur. Your Lawn Operative will make you aware of this.

When is the best time have a Lawn Refresh Treatment?

Our Lawn Refresh is ready to transform your lawn between March to May and September to November. Ground temperatures need to be 10°C and above.

So if you want to rejuvenate your lawn, enhance curb appeal and create a welcoming environment for friends and family get in touch with your local GreenThumb branch.

We'll come out and provide you with a FREE lawn consultation, including taking core samples so we can recommend the best treatments for your lawn.