• Lawn Analysis

    Having trouble with your lawn?

    Is your lawn full of moss and weeds or in need of some serious revitalisation? We offer a completely free, no obligation, lawn analysis to assess your lawn’s condition.

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    Does your lawn suffer from Leatherjackets or Chafer grubs?

    Recent legislation has meant changes in the way we treat certain lawn pests. We have now moved to a totally biological (organic) control, known as Nematodes.

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    Does your lawn have signs of Red Thread?

    Red Thread can be seen throughout the summer months during periods of high humidity. The occurrence of the disease is most evident after periods of wet weather, especially towards the end of summer, when humidity is high.

  • Dry Lawn

    Dry patches on your lawn?

    We've got a treatment for that. Our Oasis Programme will bring your lawn back to life. It allows water to penetrate into the root zone of your lawn and restore its lovely green lushness.

  • Customers Lawn

    Hundreds of thousands of happy customers

    We're the leading lawn care provider in the UK. We have over 30 years’ experience and 220+ branches nationwide, you're never too far from your local lawn care specialist.

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    Proud to sponsor the North West Lawn Mower Association

    2016 promises to be an extremely exciting year at GreenThumb. On Monday 18th April, we announced our ‘North West Lawn Mower Racing Association’ sponsorship. We are pleased to actively support this organisation and all of their fantastic events taking place over the next year.

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Lawn Treatments

Lawn Treatments

Our lawn treatments have been formulated and engineered over 30 years. We have ten treatments available through 3 different programmes. If you have a lawn problem, we have a treatment for it.

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Tackle Lawn Pests

Lawn Problems

Do you have a problem with your lawn? Whether you have dry patches, a problem with moss or pests invading your lawn, don’t worry; we have a range of lawn treatments to tackle each problem.

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Lawn Help and Advice

Help & Advice

Whether you’re a customer or not, we can help identify common problems with your lawn and provide detailed information on the lawn treatments we provide to help tackle them.

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Lawn Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Some lawn related questions get asked more than others. We’ve listed the most commonly asked questions alongside the answers we have for them.

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Recommend a Friend

Recommend a Friend

Join the Recommend a Friend club and receive great rewards. Believe it or not, 40% of all new customers come from recommendation alone!

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Latest Lawn News


Check out our latest blogs, we regularly post in-depth and exciting content from the best ways to care for your lawn through to what we've been up to.

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Read what our happy customers said about us

  •  "I am a relatively new customer but I wish to thank you for the great job you have done on my lawns. In six months they have gone from green/yellow to a lush green appearance with few weeds and moss. Well done GreenThumb from a very satisfied customer."

  • "We've now had two treatments from your service. Already we have noticed a difference in the quaility of the lawn and the greenness. Really pleased. Also, the young men who have visited have been charming - very polite and pleasant, thank you."

  • "When we moved into our house five years ago, the whole garden was very overgrown and the lawns were in a dreadful state. After only two years our front and back lawns have been dramatically transformed, I would highly recommend GreenThumb to anyone."

  • "We bought a new property and the land had previously been used as a pig farm so lots of strong weeds. We are now a year in from the start of your team's treatment and the improvement is 200%. The team in Norwich always arrive on time, are courteous and are very well informed."

  • "The grass is lush, thick, green and plentiful. Even the front which was an eye sore has received compliments. We are delighted with what has already been achieved and only wish I had known about this service sooner. I could have saved myself a lot of time and effort."