GreenThumb NutraGreen Summer Long

Continued stimulated growth and weed control


  • Controlled-release no scorch fertiliser
  • Targeted herbicide spray


  • July - September


  • Continues to nourish throughout Summer
  • Controls weeds

Summer is the season when we enjoy our lawns the most. Great for the kids to play on and for relaxing outdoors in the sunshine (hopefully). But summer can also be a demanding time for our lawn grasses, particularly during any dry periods.

Our NutraGreen Summer Long treatment is an essential part of maintaining a beautiful lawn, working hard to reduce your weeds and green up your grass.

champagne flutes, BBQ and a healthy GreenThumb lawn

Summer Long has the longest feeding period we have ever produced, between 4 to 5 months. Meaning if you care for your lawn now, you’ll also be preparing it for the transition into autumn, protecting and nourishing your grass for the months to come.

The treatment longevity is approximately double that of any DIY or competitor’s summer lawn feed. It’s all in the fertiliser coating as it sits patiently waiting for the right conditions before it releases, giving your lawn everything, it needs to thrive.

Our summer lawn treatment also includes a weed control to help eradicate those pesky weeds. Often the most challenging lawn weeds present themselves at this time of year as they compete with grass for moisture. Our tailored and regional approach to weed management deals with weeds efficiently and effectively.

At this time of year, your lawn is most susceptible to dry weather. For the best results and a great looking lawn, watering by irrigation or rainfall is important. If there is no rainfall or you don’t feel inclined to water the lawn, this feed will wait for the rain, and then kick into action.

We also recommend applying our Oasis Treatment at this time of year. A professional wetting agent, that has been designed to improve the quality of your grass, root development and stress tolerance during periods of dry weather. It also includes a highly concentrated seaweed extract which has been proven to have a visual effect on the colour of your lawn.

  • Additional Oasis

    An amazing treatment which takes rainfall and lawn watering to another level. Green lawns in dry weather too. We think you’ll love this treatment.

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  • Weeds

    Daisies, dandelions, clover, buttercups.  All very nice in a meadow, but not in the middle of your lawn. 

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