GreenThumb Watering

Sprinkler watering grass

Plants love water. And lawns are made of grass plants. 

Thankfully, our climate means that the occasions we actually have to get the hosepipe out are not more than a few times in a year.

And there are inexpensive and clever little timers you can attach to a hosepipe which regulate the amount of watering without you having to stand on your lawn waving your arms from side to side. Your local garden centre and the likes of Amazon sell them.

Watering in Dry Weather

In periods of dry weather, the lawn will thank you for a drink. Earlier in the morning or evening is probably the best time to set the timer for the sprinkler to come on.

Water the lawn long enough for the lawn to have had a good soaking. It's difficult to say how long this is, as lawns differ in their exposure and makeup. But if you pushed us to make a recommendation, it would probably be between 20 and 30 minutes.

Even if you are on a meter, the small cost of weekly watering during a hot spell will prevent your finer grasses or lawn edges dying off. It's cheaper than returfing or reseeding.

Lawn Mowing in Dry Weather

The most common mistake we come across in periods of dry weather is homeowners cutting their lawn too short. In periods of dry weather, our advice would be please, please don’t cut your lawn. If you have to… set the mower height to at least two inches.

The lawn will thank you. It will stay greener much longer, make more efficient use of the watering and recover quicker.

Does GreenThumb have a special treatment to help with dry weather and make the best use of lawn irrigation?

Yes we have. It’s called Oasis.