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What is Lawn Overseeding and Top Dressing?

hand touching Healthy, green, thick lawn

Overseeding a lawn is a beneficial part of lawn care, it can be a key factor in making improvements to the health, condition, and appearance of the lawn.

Over time, lawns start to thin out, allowing space for moss and weeds to take over. The best defence is to introduce new seed into the lawn (Overseeding); this will ensure it remains thick, full and healthy on an ongoing basis.

Our Top Dressing is designed to supply the grass seed with long lasting nourishment, it protects the seed during the process of germination and feeds it when it is plant stage. The organic dressing also enriches sandy soil as well as improving heavy soils like clay.


Grass plants are seriously affected by long periods of high temperatures and low rainfall, these conditions also encourage lawn disease which can cause the grass plant to die. The best defence against weeds and moss is a healthy and strong grass sward.

We have our own exclusive and bespoke grass seed called Diamond Green, as the new seed is introduced into the lawn to replace any of the dead grass, as a blend of Perennial Rye and Fescue grass species which have adapted specifically to any environment. For example, Rye grass performs better in heavier clay soils and Fescue more so in sandier soils.


  • Helps to create a thick, healthy grass sward.
  • This healthy sward helps to manage moss and weeds.
  • Seed is designed to tolerate drought, shade, disease.
  • Top dressing helps with water retention and protecting the soil surface helping with drought.
  • Helps to speed up recovery of the lawn after Aeration and Scarification.
  • Giving the lawn an improved colour.



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