GreenThumb Our Premier Plant Treatment: Oasis

We’re constantly innovating, and Oasis is our plant bio-stimulant and water conserver designed to revolutionise your lawn experience.  Harnessing the power of natural ingredients, this product stimulates the grass lifecycle and microbial activity, ensuring optimal growth and vitality for your lawn.

Here are some key benefits of this plant bio-stimulant:

  • Enhanced Nutrient Utilisation: Oasis maximises the effectiveness of our fertilisers, resulting in a stronger, greener lawn by improving the efficient use of nutrients.

  • Resilience Against Environmental Stress: In today's ever-changing climate, our lawns face a myriad of environmental challenges. Our Oasis treatment helps bolster your grass’ health, ensuring resilience in the face of stresses like hot dry weather conditions whilst helping maintain a lawn’s vibrant appearance.

  • Superior Quality: Oasis promotes the development of high-quality leaves and enhances photosynthesis. The result? A visually stunning lawn that's the envy of your neighbourhood.

  • Enhanced Water Conservation: Thanks to improved water management at the root level, our bio-stimulant enhances the availability of essential nutrients in the soil, ensuring your plants receive the nourishment they need for robust growth.

    Here are some key benefits of Oasis as a water conserver:

    • Triple Action Formula: Our water management solution is formulated to provide comprehensive support for moisture regulation in your lawn, perfect in the summer when (hopefully) our lawns bask in the sun.

    • Enhanced Penetration: Improved water movement through the soil's top layer, ensuring efficient access to the root zone where it's needed most for optimal grass growth.

    • Superior Spreadability: Our solution facilitates the dispersion of water throughout the soil, ensuring it reaches every corner of your lawn to promote healthy grass growth.

    • Extended Water Retention: Oasis keeps water within the root zone for longer periods, providing sustained hydration to your grass plants over an extended timeframe.

    The benefits of combining a bio-stimulant and water conserver include:

    • Enhancing your lawn's health and colour
    • Improved plant resilience and prolonged vitality, particularly during periods of stress
    • Regardless of weather, for example during periods of hot and sunny conditions, Oasis regulates the uptake of essential nutrients, ensuring they are fully utilised by the grass.
    • During dry spells, while watering remains necessary, it can be reduced without compromising overall plant health.
    • Following a dry spell, the lawn readily rehydrates, aiding in swift recovery as needed.

    When can I start using GreenThumb?

    You can adopt our services at any time of the year. There is never a ‘bad time’ to start improving your lawn.

    Do I have to be at home when you come and treat my lawn?

    The majority of our customers are not at home when we call. Since all our vehicles and Lawn Operatives are self-sufficient, we can carry out your treatments as long as we have access to the lawns.

    If you would prefer to be in when we are treating your lawn, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

    I have children and /or pets. What should I be aware of?

    We recommend that you keep off the lawn until any liquid part of the treatment has dried (approx. 2 hours). This stops it being walked off. And this is especially true of our NutraGreen Autumn Long Treatment, we recommend that you keep off the lawn for more than 2 hours then as it could stain a carpet or wooden floor, if it were walked into the home.

    Grazing pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs should be kept off the lawn for a minimum of two weeks or three cuts, whichever occurs latest, to avoid ingestion of Ragwort, in particular, which becomes poisonous to them as it dies back.

    Do I have to sign a contract?

    No, we want our customers to continue with GreenThumb based on our merits in creating a healthier, greener lawn for them - not because they are stuck in a contract. Of course, with our treatment programmes, you will need to sign a Direct Debit Mandate with the relevant T&C's which relate to this payment option.

    Do we need to apply Oasis when we have had so much rain or it’s raining?

    Yes, Oasis is more than just a water conserver; it is a water management treatment that incorporates a very important bio-stimulant benefits which result in a stronger, greener lawn.

    After rainfall ceases, soil moisture depletion can occur rapidly. However, Oasis maintains soil moisture levels near the roots for extended periods, aiding in situations of excessive dryness. This facilitates rapid soil rehydration around the roots when moisture is present again (either through watering or rainfall), promoting plant recovery. Crucially, the inclusion of a bio-stimulant ensures optimal nutrient
    utilisation from the soil. Working in tandem, the water management system and bio-stimulant effectively direct nutrients to the plant, enhancing the efficiency of fertilisers, benefiting the grass throughout the season.

    Watch how our Oasis treatment works vs water

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