Spring Tips for your Lawn

Lawn Care Tips in Spring

We are welcoming Spring with open arms.

Spring not only brings a welcome change in weather and a burst of colour but there’s something about the sight of a lush green lawn that brings us a sense of achievement and enjoyment.

Beyond being a visual delight, healthy lawns provide a sanctuary for relaxation, recuperation, and socialising. As the season of growth unfolds, here’s our Spring Lawn Care tips that not only nurture the health of our lawns but also contribute to our overall wellbeing. 

One of the most important lawn care jobs for a good-looking lawn is correct and regular mowing.

  • Always sharpen or replace your lawn mower blade regularly, to avoid tearing the grass. 
  • Mow regularly and keep the cut between 25mm (1’’) and 50mm (2’’) in length. Too short can weaken the grass and encourage weeds, moss, and lawn disease. 
  • Remove grass clippings which contribute to surface thatch, and then moss. 

Winter may have left behind some bare patches on your lawn, but spring is the ideal time for recovery. Rake any bare patches and carefully sow high-quality seed mixed with topsoil. Remember to water well while seedlings sprout. We can also apply our organic Top Dressing and bespoke grass seed to nourish and protect developing grass plants – find out more here: Transform Your Lawn: Top Dressing & Overseeding Services – GreenThumb

Spring is also a good time to have Aeration and Scarification, also known as Machine Work. Lawns have a natural build-up of thatch – a layer of dead grass and moss that can accumulate over the year. Aeration and Scarification are the most effective ways of reducing sub-surface thatch and compaction in lawns, allowing your lawn to breathe again. 

As the weather warms up, the weeds pop up. It can feel like a never-ending battle to keep your lawn weed free. Seeds lie dormant and others are blown in from neighbouring locations, so consistent treatments are essential to keep the weeds at bay. Find out how we treat weeds here.

Moss may also be visible on your lawn. Moss grows where the grass is thin, patchy, and unhealthy. The best way to reduce moss is to tackle what’s causing it. Aeration, Scarification, correct mowing, and fertiliser will help the lawn massively.

Don’t forget to keep the lawn tidy. Whether it’s leaves, twigs, or other types of debris it can block out light, suffocate the grass and encourage lawn disease. Grass clippings should also be collected and removed from the lawn when you mow. Cut back shrubs and overhanging branches as well.

For those seeking professional assistance in achieving a beautiful lawn all year round, GreenThumb Lawn Treatment Service has the best treatments and fertilisers to turn tired, weed-infested grass areas into lawns that can truly be enjoyed. Their seasonal treatments are specially formulated to ensure it receives the correct nutrients to grow strong and give it a vibrant colour. We’ll also control the weeds.

You can request your FREE lawn consultation here - Book A Free Consultation – GreenThumb

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