Create your own sports day

Create your own sports day

With the school summer holidays  now upon us, what better way to make the most of your lovely lush green lawn than gathering your friends and family together for your very own sports day?

Hosting a home-made sports day gives you the perfect opportunity to keep the kids active and away from their tablets or laptops, whilst also allowing you to catch up with your friends or family.

What’s more, they’re really easy to organise and there’s virtually no cost to it!

Guide to creating your own sports day:

  1. Set a date and time, and then invite your friends and family round to join in the fun – if you have a big group, why not divide it into teams?
  2. Create a leader board using a blackboard and chalk for an old school feel, or get the kids to create one using a piece of A3 card and coloured pens – a bit of healthy competition won’t harm anyone!
  3. Now comes the important part - deciding on what races you’d like to host. Here are a list of our favourite and most cost-effective:
    • The egg and spoon race – a classic sports day event and one that every home has the equipment for, but don’t forget to hard-boil your eggs, you don’t want egg yolk all over your lovely lawn!
    • The sack race - you can get sacks or cloth bags cheaply from your local builders’ merchants or even from a fruit and vegetable shop for free
    • Running race - set up a track that goes around your garden or create a straight sprint track
    • The three-legged race - use some old ties lying around the house or even scarves that have been stored away for winter to tie legs together – easy!
    • An obstacle course – the perfect event to use your imagination! The course can be made up of anything, from jumping over household items or crawling under duvets, to doing cartwheels or walking with a beanbag on your head – the possibilities are endless
  4. Next, organise some healthy snacks or food for a delicious BBQ, along with drinks to keep everyone hydrated throughout the day. We love all the healthy snacks from BBC food; feast your eyes on their recipes here.
  5. Reward your winners! You could purchase some little trophies or medals, or make your own. You could even keep it simple and present award winners with some tasty sweet treats, such as bags of pick ‘n’ mix.

Feel your lawn needs a little love before your sports day? Why not contact one of our lawn advisors for a FREE lawn analysis, simply Locate Your Branch to request an appointment.

Enjoy planning and hosting your sports day  – we’d love to see pictures of your fun, so why not share them with us via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram?

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