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Lawn Treatment

Just add water, it’s as simple as that! Well, no not really… There’s a lot of science that goes behind our Oasis, as there is with all our Lawn Treatments. Oasis is our solution to helping your soil make the very best use of any available moisture, whether it’s rain, recycled water or even morning dew. Oasis makes your lovely lawn flourish, keeping your grass greener for longer. We’ve now added a liquid seaweed extract to our Oasis Treatment, helping to see a visual impact of improved colour and quality on your lawn almost immediately. This innovative solution also improves your grasses root development and strengthens it against natural stress factors.

This specialised water conserver treatment is applied as a liquid spray all over your lawn. Oasis compliments your regular watering regime, keeping your grass hydrated and healthy, meaning you’ll need to water up to 80% less.



  • Improves absorption of any water received
  • Encourages root development, essential for healthy grass
  • Makes vital nutrients more readily available
  • Protects against the effects of dry conditions and sparse rainfall


Oasis’ triple action formula works like this:

  • Penetration: Significantly improves the movement of any moisture through the soil to the root zone where it’s required, rather than draining right through or sitting on top.
  • Spreadability: Effectively moves water to the right places and spreads it through the soil to benefit the whole lawn. Essential nutrients will be better able to access the roots, as nutrients use water to travel through the soil, Oasis enhances this process.
  • Retention: Retains water at the root zone for longer, making it more readily available for the grass plant.

Oasis can be applied from April to June*, so all of our customers will benefit from this fantastic water conserver. If you’re on our Ultimate Programme, you’ll receive an extra application of Oasis within a separate visit (this additional Oasis is available separately to our customers on our Standard and Basic Programmes).

*Timings may differ depending on the weather and each lawns specific requirements

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