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The grass plant is made up of 93% water. Watering the lawn throughout the dry summer period is essential to prevent it from drying out. Once the soil in a lawn has dried out, it can develop 'dry patch'; a turf disorder which makes the soil actually repel water. The technical term for this is 'hydrophobic'. GreenThumb offers a 'drought busting' water conserver treatment, Oasis, which has been proven to keep your lawn greener for longer during prolonged periods of dry weather.

Two applications of Oasis will keep moisture attached to the root zone and will reduce the amount of watering. In lawns where the soil is mostly clay, the amount of water required to keep the plant green can be reduced by up to 80% and in a sandy soil by up to 50% - vital if you have a water meter. Although the majority of us enjoy long warm summers, low rainfall can cause a lawn to suffer from drought stress.

Please note that this treatment is not a substitute for watering the lawn. All living things need water to survive – a lawn is no different. The treatment utilises available water – if there is no moisture present then there is nothing for the treatment to work with.

If your lawn has suffered over dry summers, speak to your local lawn operator for information to see if this treatment programme would be suitable for your lawn.

The product, which is made up of surfactants specifically designed to work in soil, when applied with low levels of water helps reduce any waxy coating found on the soil particles. This process not only reduces this coating, which if left, would encourage the soil to become hydrophobic, but also allows for water movement within the soil.  This method helps the plant to absorb the nutrients by the root system and in turn benefits health of the plant.

Even on light, sandy soil in drought conditions where the lawn will dry out quickly, the product will allow the soil to re-wet using 50% of the water required. The important point to remember is that watering the lawn regularly at a lower rate using the Oasis programme means that you will protect the lawn through periods when normal rainfall is reduced.

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