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Oasis Treatment

Lawn Treatment

Lawn Treatment

What it does:

Oasis is a water-management treatment for your lawn. It effectively moves water to the right places (the grass root zone) to ensure the grass has access to the nutrients it requires to stay healthy and strong.

What the treatment involves:

Spray of liquid treatment over the whole lawn. It leads to increased absorption of any available water, from rain or watering, meaning the lawn has access to what it needs during any drier spell.

In addition, Oasis removes the waxy coating ( which prevents water absorption) on the soil’s surface that is caused by dry conditions and that can lead to dry patch. It also fights off coarse grasses, weeds and diseases by helping maintain a stronger overall lawn density.

Why you need it:

It means less maintenance and a better looking lawn, especially during dry periods, protects your lawn from damage by dry weather, including dry patch, reduces the effects and risks of coarse grasses, weeds and lawn diseases.

On the day:

Your qualified GreenThumb lawn operative will arrive, ensure your lawn is prepared and then carry out the spray treatment. They will then discuss with you how you can best continue the care of your lawn alongside your Oasis treatment, give any needed tips and let you know your next treatment date.

If you have any questions then please feel free to speak with your lawn operative or contact your local branch.

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