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Is your lawn more moss than grass?

Over time your lawn can become smothered by thatch - layers of dead and decaying grass, roots and leaves - and that thatch is what causes moss on your garden's centrepiece. 

For a healthier lawn we recommend Aeration and Scarification (what we call Machine Work).

Aeration creates tiny holes within the soil, enabling vital nutrients, light and air to reach the root zone. Uncompacted soil encourages root growth and supports a healthier lawn overall.

To reduce thatch, the perfect environment for moss to thrive, it’s essential to have your lawn scarified. Scarification reduces surface thatch  which helps to manage moss, but also allows the roots access to what they require to thrive.

Once Aeration and Scarification is complete, it's the perfect time for Top Dressing and Overseeding. Laying down new grass seeds then covering them with a blanket of compost-rich top soil, will give your lawn new rim and vigour after the deep cleanse of machine work. GreenThumb offer our own bespoke seed selection, cultivars from rye and fescue grasses, specially selected for our changeable climate.

So whether your lawn is spongy to walk on, suffering with moss or not, get in touch with your local GreenThumb branch. We'll come out and provide you with a FREE lawn consultation, including taking core samples so we can recommend the best treatments for your lawn. 

We can offer Aeration, Scarification plus Top Dressing and Overseeding as stand-alone services or you may want to sign up to one of our year-round treatment programmes.

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