1. Lawn Care Programmes

Lawn Care Programmes

Programmes tailored to your needs

GreenThumb’s Nutragreen treatments are customised for the time of year to create a weed free, moss-controlled, lush, green lawn. We believe they are the best available and superior to other lawn treatment products or programmes. With a higher nutrient content, coupled with a controlled release, our feeds last much longer too.

The 4 Nutragreen treatments make up our seasonal feed and weed Nutragreen Programme.

Apart from regular feeding, weed and moss control, lawns need regular Scarification and Aeration. These additional treatments are included in our Enhanced Programme.

As well as all the treatments of the Enhanced Programme, the Complete Programme adds the latest in lawn technology treatments. It includes products which can reduce your rate of mowing. Great for when you’re on holiday. Make the best use of rainfall (whether it’s too much, or too little), as well as treatments now designed to help the lawn cope with whatever is thrown its way.

Our Enhanced and Complete Programmes provide a more comprehensive, tailored approach to caring for your lawn. These packages are heavily discounted – compared to having them individually – and Direct Debit payment options make them not just cost effective, but also hassle free.

Treatment Programme
Treatment Programme
Treatment Programme

Treatment Programme
Treatment Programme
Treatment Programme

Treatment Programme
Treatment Programme
Treatment Programme


How long will it take for my lawn to improve?

Following a Nutragreen seasonal treatment you will notice the weeds dying within a week or so and the lawn generally improving in a couple of weeks.

Do your treatments get rid of moss?

Here is a link to a whole page dedicated to the answer and the solution. https://www.greenthumb.co.uk/help-and-advice/lawn-problems/moss

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, we want our customers to continue with GreenThumb based on our merits in creating a healthier, greener lawn for them - not because they are stuck in a contract.

Of course, with our new treatment programmes, you will need to sign a Direct Debit Mandate with the relevant terms and conditions that relate to this payment option.

Do I have to be in when you come to treat my lawn?

The majority of our customers are not at home when we call. Since all our vehicles and Lawn Operatives are self-sufficient, we can carry out the treatment as long as we have access to the lawns.

If you would prefer to be in when we are treating your lawn, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Do I have to water my lawn after treatments?

No. However, the sooner feed reaches the roots, the quicker the lawn will improve. Normally rainfall or dew will accomplish this.

Regular watering will help maintain a healthy lawn.

Should I mow the lawn before you treat it?

We recommend that you don't cut your lawn for 2 days either side of any treatment.

Direct Debit available on our Enhanced & Complete Programmes

Not only are our Enhanced and Complete Programmes discounted to give our customers a reward for adopting these  treatments. We also offer paying for them via Direct Debit.

Most of our customers choose Direct Debit to pay for their treatments as this adds a convenient and hassle-free way to pay for a beautiful lawn.