1. Lawn Care Programmes

Lawn Care Programmes

Our programmes are tailored to your needs

The unique GreenThumb 4-stage treatment programme is finely balanced to ensure your lawn receives what it needs at the right time throughout the year, and is tailored to your own lawn’s exact requirements to ensure the maximum benefit from each treatment.  The treatments, customised for the time of year, target weeds, feed the lawn and control moss, ensuring a green, lush, weed free lawn throughout the year.

To complement our standard service, GreenThumb has also introduced two tailored lawn care programmes to suit your lawn and budget.  You can save up to 25% on Pay-As-You-Go prices, and spread the cost of your lawn care over the year.

GreenThumb uses products not generally available from DIY outlets and garden centres. Our products are continually reviewed and modified and many of our products have been developed especially for GreenThumb to ensure the best possible results.

Customers Lawn

Pay As You Go

All of our lawn treatments are available through Pay-As-You-Go options, however, we do advise all customers to take out one of our carefully tailored lawn care programmes. Our programmes enable your lawn to reach its full potential and allow you to spread the cost of your lawn care over the year whilst benefiting from massive savings.

From £15.00* Per Treatment

*Prices based on a 40m² lawn

Treatment Programme

Enhanced Programme

In addition to core seasonal treatments, we also carry out autumn/winter work; the equivalent of a major car service for your lawn.

Our autumn/winter work consists of: hollow-tine aeration and scarification, which address problems such as thatch, moss and compaction. Alternatively, according to your lawn’s needs, we may suggest swapping hollow-tine aeration for our Oasis water conserver, which comes into its own in dry conditions.

From £11.25* Per Month

*Prices based on a 40m² lawn

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Complete Programme

This programme is designed to keep your lawn in the pinnacle of health.

As well as four seasonal treatments, we carry out autumn/winter work, the equivalent of a major car service for your lawn. This consists of hollow-tine aeration and scarification which address lawn problems such as thatch, moss and compaction. Also included are a growth regulator and a water conserver.

From £16.56* Per Month

*Prices based on a 40m² lawn


Do I need to water my lawn?

Under normal weather conditions, your lawn will be fine and the treatments will work well. During dry weather we advise regular watering on a daily, or every other day, basis to keep the grass plant healthy; try to do this early in the morning or in the evening to avoid evaporation.

Do I have to be in when you treat my lawn?

No, we are quite happy to treat your lawn if you are not in, as long as we can gain access to the lawn.

Should I mow the lawn before you treat it?

We recommend that you do not cut the lawn for 3 or 4 days either side of our treatment.

When will I notice a difference to my lawn?

Depending on weather, the weeds should begin to curl up within 7-10 days. Within a couple of weeks you should notice a change in colour and growth.

Is the treatment safe for my pets?

Yes, although we ask you to keep your pets off the lawn for at least two hours; grazing pets such as rabbits, should be kept off the treated area for two weeks.

Direct Debit available on our Enhanced & Complete Programmes

Our monthly payment programmes let you spread the cost of your lawn care by making regular monthly payments directly from your bank or building society. When you set up a monthly payment plan we’ll agree how much you’ll pay, and which date your account will be debited each month.

Payments are safe, quick and hassle-free. That’s why most of our customers choose to pay for their lawn care by Direct Debit. Opting for Direct Debit to spread the cost of your treatments means that you will benefit from a healthy lawn without any of those costly ‘one off’ expenses, such as end of year aeration and scarification. Our treatment programmes are carefully designed as a result of our research and development, ensuring that your lawn is healthy all year round.

Interested in One of These Programmes?

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