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GreenThumb Stevenage

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After travelling throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia, Russell Lobb got a job closer to home as a manager with GreenThumb in London. And he liked the work so much that in 2005 he and his wife, Lisa, took over their own GreenThumb business in Stevenage. Now the couple and their team treat thousands of lawns every year throughout the towns of Stevenage, Hertford and the county of Hertfordshire. 

Common problems include Red thread, a viral fungus that attacks lawns and Leatherjackets – grubs that gorge on grass roots leaving ugly bare patches. But the GreenThumb experts are well-equipped to tackle these conditions, while their four annual treatments keep lawns looking lush throughout the year. And, above all, the professional service they provide costs less than lawn treatment products on sale in D.I.Y stores! Said Russell: “We want to keep growing the business and to provide an excellent service to my customers”. 

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Telephone: 01920 467000

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