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GreenThumb Preston North

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Christine Ible and Jayne McGarry have been operating the Preston North branch of GreenThumb since 2002. They and their three staff now treat thousands of lawns in an area that covers north Preston, Garstang, Fulwood, Ribchester and part of the Fylde coast. 

This area has a high annual rainfall and many gardens sit on particularly heavy clay but despite the problems, GreenThumb creates beautiful lawns – for less than it would cost to do it yourself. Word of GreenThumb’s great value for money has spread and hundreds of customers signed up for four pre-scheduled treatments that will keep your lawn looking lush, healthy and weed-free. 

Christine, Jayne and their staff are also trained to deal with problems that can affect lawns in the locality – like moss and Leatherjackets. With high rainfall and heavy clay soils, moss is a real problem in the area but by carrying out hollow-tine aeration and scarifying during the winter and ensuring the grass sward is healthy, GreenThumb can combat this.

Leatherjackets are the offspring of craneflies -- or daddy longlegs -- which lay their eggs in lawns in the autumn and by spring they have turned into headless grubs that survive by eating grass roots and can destroy a lawn in matter of weeks. GreenThumb’s experts can quickly rid the lawn of these pests and restore the grass to its former glory. 

One satisfied customer recently wrote: “Thank you so much for transforming my lawn. It has never looked so good in the 20 years I have lived here.”

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