Why you need a Lawn Care company

Lawn Operative spraying weeds on a GreenThumb lawn

Gardens can be a brilliant place to escape to, especially when accompanied by a lush lawn. However, a lawn is much more than aesthetically pleasing, it has been proven to both improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

It takes time and skill to achieve a lush lawn which can be demanding for busy homeowners. Correct mowing and watering are not enough if you want a beautiful centrepiece. Feeding and Aeration and Scarification are essential to keeping your lawn looking its best, that’s where a Lawn Care company can help – GreenThumb.

GreenThumb Experts

For over 36 years, GreenThumb have been expertly treating lawns – turning them from tired, weed infested grass areas to lawns you can truly enjoy. We work very closely with a global research and development partner ICL to ensure we apply the best products, cost effectively and safely.

We have over 200 branches, all over the U.K. with highly trained Lawn Operatives treating your lawn. We know your grass type, soil condition, can spot and identify lawn disease and pests, as well as advice on moss, watering or mowing. Whatever problem your lawn has, GreenThumb will be able to help.

GreenThumb Lawn Treatments

Over the years, we have been developing our range of ‘NutraGreen’ fertilisers and treatment programmes to provide lawns with balanced nutritional feeding that lasts over the course of the year. Treatments are designed for controlled release to minimise environmental impact. We also have our Oasis Water Conserver treatment, which requires up to 80% less watering. It’s an essential innovative treatment as droughts and hosepipe bans become increasingly common.

We’ve got the correct machinery, feeding tools and products to ensure your lawn reaches its full potential.

GreenThumb Sustainable Approach

While some might think lawn treatments require excessive chemicals and pesticides, it doesn’t.

At GreenThumb we are not only keenly aware of our obligations to customers but also our environmental responsibilities. Our fertilisers come out as a drip feed, so it does not impact the environment or insects. Pests are managed by using biostimulants that deter pests and support plants. We will only spot spray active weeds, if we were to spray the whole lawn where weeds are not active, the herbicide is simply going into the ground and is not appropriate environmentally.

House value

A landscaped garden with green grass, has been proven to improve the value of your house by over 20%. The garden can make a great unique selling point when listing your home for sale, rent or as a holiday let. People see right away they’ll have the comfort of knowing they have access to a beautiful outdoor place.

GreenThumb Lawn Treatment Service have three year-round lawn treatment programmes, suited to you and your lawns needs. Take a look here: Lawn Treatment Programmes – GreenThumb. Our treatment programmes have been carefully created so you can achieve the lawn you want.


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