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Introducing our newest treatment option to the table – Lawn Refresh.

In response to the ever-shifting weather conditions, we’ve noticed a surge in lawns facing challenges like unwanted grass species, thatch buildup, moss invasion, compacted soil, and various other issues affecting a lawns overall well-being and appearance.

Lawn Refresh vs. Lawn Makeover

GreenThumb’s Lawn Refresh is different from GreenThumb’s Lawn Makeover. A Lawn Makeover is when your lawn is just simply beyond repair. Distinguishing itself from the intensive Lawn Makeover, our Lawn Refresh steps in precisely when your lawn is worn-out but not beyond redemption. If your lawn is displaying signs of wear and tear, overrun by persistent weeds, or plagued by moss, GreenThumb's new Lawn Refresh is here for those lawns that need some extra love and a refresh.

Say hello to a healthier, thicker, lusher lawn. We will be refreshing lawns between March to May or September to November.

It’s a six-part process that can usually be completed in one day (weather dependent, of course). We remove thatch, unwanted grass species, along with opening up the soil to ensure air and nutrients can reach the root zone, top dress, and fertilise.

Here’s what you can expect from your Lawn Refresh.

  1. Deep Scarification – Thatch, the organic matter that naturally forms on a lawn, can become a hindrance when too thick. Our deep scarification process removes this suffocating layer, allowing your lawn's roots to breathe and promoting healthy grass growth while keeping weeds, moss, and diseases at bay.
  2. Aeration – to combat soil compaction. Aeration opens up the soil to allow air, water, and nutrients back into the root zone.
  3. Overseeding – Using our bespoke grass seed, Diamond Green, we’ll add new seed to replace the poor grass (a blend of Perennial Rye and Fescue grass species, chosen specifically for our changeable environment).
  4. Fertiliser – to help the new seed germinate a unique GreenThumb fertiliser will be applied to the whole lawn.
  5. Top Dressing – organic goodness - we will then top dress the new seed and fertiliser with a 100% recycled, organic green waste with levels of nutrients to encourage seed development.
  6. Oasis treatment – our bespoke water conserver, with a seaweed extract will help the seed germinate and establish effectively.

(If your lawn is heavily affected by weeds or moss, additional treatment may be necessary, but you will be informed of this).

What We Need You To Do?

To allow us to get the best results from this process, we need to work together.

  • Before Treatment

Before treatment takes place, cut your lawn as short as possible.

  • After Treatment

Water the lawn daily for up to 10 days – usually for about 20 minutes per day. After the seed has germinated, you can reduce watering to every other day if rainfall is low.

  • No mowing needed until healthy growth is visible.
  • Gentle trim recommended when growth appears, cutting the top to 50mm (2’’). Ensure a sharp mower blade and dry grass.
  • After the initial cut, maintain a weekly mowing schedule.
  • As the lawn thickens, gradually reduce the cutting height from 50mm to 40mm (1.5’’).
  • If weather conditions allow, you can eventually go shorter, down to 25mm (1’’).

Why Choose Lawn Refresh?

GreenThumb’s Lawn Refresh is a cost-effective and hassle-free alternative to re-turfing. Just imagine the cost involved in removing your lawn, adding tonnes of topsoil, and purchasing rolls of turf which likely contain hidden issues.

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