1. Treatments

Lawn Treatments

Our seasonal lawn care treatments are named accordingly to the time of year; they have been designed to work alongside nature and weather conditions that are common during the four conventional periods of the year.

Each of the lawn care treatments are like the seasons, a natural progression from one season to the next accommodating the conditions of the environment with treatments that best support and sustain the appearance of a beautiful lawn for the time of year.

Spring Treatment

Our spring feed provides essential nutrients to improve your lawn’s condition. We also spray a herbicide to reduce weed population.

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Early Summer Treatment

This long established feeding programme continues to maintain a great, healthy looking lawn throughout the summer period.

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Late Summer Treatment

The coating on this fertiliser protects the lawn even during long dry spells. It releases only when there is sufficient moisture available.

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Autumn/Winter Treatment

The Autumn/Winter Treatment enhances the overall colour of the lawn; it’s what gives it that impressive green colour over the winter period.

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Hollow-tine Aeration

This process improves the soil condition by removing thousands of cores, thus allowing important air and water to flow into the lawn’s root system.

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Unwanted moss loves thatch. In order to reduce moss levels in your lawn, scarification will thin the thatch out, allowing your lawn to breathe more easily.

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Post Scarification Treatment

The Post Scarification Treatment provides much needed micronutrients to your lawn after the scarification process has taken place.

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Oasis Treatment

Throughout the summer, evaporation is more common thus resulting in a dry lawn. Oasis improves the levels of water required by the grass plant.

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SlowMow Treatment

This plant growth regulator slows down the vertical growth of your lawn. Not only does this mean you can cut less but it also improves the strength of the lawn.

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Pest Control & Management

We have now moved to a totally biological (organic) control, known as Nematodes, which are applied at the optimum time of year, when the young larvae or grubs are infesting the lawn.

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Lawn Renovation

This programme will give your lawn a fresh start. We take your lawn down to soil level and re-introduce our own bespoke grass seed, thereby giving you a GreenThumb lawn.

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Stress Buster

This innovative treatment supplies nutrients to green-up and relieve stress in the grass plant, restore turf vigour and encourage rooting.

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