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Creating a lusher, thicker, greener lawn together

From tailored NutraGreen Treatments with weed control, to sophisticated machine work and water conservers, we can breathe the life back into your lawn.

Lawn Makeover

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NutraGreen Treatments

NutraGreen Spring Ready

Our unique Spring Ready fertiliser has been developed to be applied to your lawn from early January and will lay dormant waiting for the right weather conditions before springing to life, protecting, and conditioning your lawn for up to 10 weeks.


NutraGreen Summer Ready

Our Summer Ready treatment is applied from April to June and will continue to nourish your grass using a controlled release fertiliser, maintaining healthy growth and colour leading up to the warmer months. Our Oasis Water Conserver treatment may also be applied during this period, instantly improving the colour and quality of your grass


NutraGreen Summer Long

Applied from July to September, this slow-release treatment incorporates ‘No Scorch’ Technology, which allows your lawn to be treated whatever the weather. This feed nourishes your lawn and encourages a thick sward with a rich green colour.


NutraGreen Autumn Long

Effective from October through to December, this treatment contains a micro-nutrient feed and a moss control element, designed to support your lawn over the Winter period. It will continue to give the lawn a long-lasting green colour and help to toughen the grass plant for the conditions to come.


Bespoke Treatments


“The Standard programe is very nice and will certainly benefit my lawns. I have to say that since receiving the care of GreenThumb my whole garden has been totally transformed, which makes me feel ever so proud”

Mr Waterworth, 09.03.2021


“Just a quick line to say how pleased I was with the treatments your team provided on Monday. The extent of the work, which seemed to cover all possible requirements, was most impressive. I was also touched by the sense of ownership that pervaded the entire proceedings. It made it all feel very personal. You get a wel-earned star all around”

Jeremy, 01.04.2021


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