1. Treatments

Lawn Treatments

Last year we made more than 2 million lawn treatments

These treatments, the results produced, and our customer expectations have meant we have been able to pioneer and develop advances in lawn nutrition.

Our exclusive range of Nutragreen lawn feeds are the result. Only GreenThumb customers enjoy these lawn feeds. We do not sell them through distributors. They are not available online.

Every other lawn treatment provider has to buy ‘off the shelf’ products. We don’t. Our lawn feeds are made for GreenThumb and GreenThumb customers exclusively.

Just like any balanced diet. Our lawn treatments are designed to give a regular, balanced nutritional feed to your lawn. However, every treatment is tailored for each lawn condition. A balanced treatment programme with a flexible approach.

We don’t just have a basic weed and feed approach to your lawn. You can now have a lawn treatment which reduces the amount of mowing. We call it ‘Slow Mow’.  How about a treatment which makes more efficient use of rainfall? We call this one ‘Oasis’. Find out more about all our lawn treatments in the links below.

Nutragreen 1 (Spring)

This treatment has been developed to be effective even in cooler periods providing the perfect start for a lawn to wake-up from its winter dormancy and also catch those early emerging weeds.

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Nutragreen 2 (Early Summer)

Strong and healthy giving great colour is the focus on this coated feed. Giving your lawn up to 10 weeks of nutrition in each granule. And there’s more to this treatment...

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Nutragreen 3 (Late Summer)

Good, Bad or Indifferent. Whatever the weather sends your lawns way this 2-3 month feed, drip feeds your lawn with what it needs when it needs it, even in dry periods. Those weeds don’t get away with it either.

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Nutragreen 4 (Autumn/Winter)

You can have beautiful green lawn at this time of the year and our Nutragreen 4 treatment does this. This micronutrient rich treatment also turns its attention on moss!

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Hollow-Tine Aeration

Thatch, Thatch and more Thatch. The main cause of moss on British lawns is sub-surface thatch. This mechanical operation reduces it and allows oxygen, water and other important nutrients to get to the grass roots.

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Moss lives on thatch found on the surface of a lawn too. This mechanical operation thins it out. This is not lawn raking but a professional surface thatch reduction using a specialist reel.

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Post Scarification Treatment

Scarification takes a lot out of the lawn and this treatment gives it a gentle massage to get it back into shape.

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Oasis Treatment

An amazing treatment which takes rainfall and lawn watering to another level. Green lawns in dry weather too. We think you’ll love this treatment.

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SlowMow Treatment

We think you’ll love this one too. Reduced mowing, and a greener lawn at the same time. Find out more.

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Organic Pest Control & Management

We control lawn pests using an organic biological treatment. Very 21st Century. Very responsible too.

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Stress Buster

Yes. Lawns get stress too. It’s not like human stress but all the same it needs busting. Find out How, Why and When its applied by clicking below.

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Lawn Disease Management

Lawns get diseases too. We have a range of treatments which we can prescribe to ensure your lawns recovery.

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