Fireworks garden party

child watching fireworks in the night sky

Whether you’re having your own bonfire/fireworks display this November, or just a get together in the garden - we’ve got some tips for having a great night this autumn, as well as how to avoid damaging your lawn!

Keep calm and stay warm

  • Wrap up!: the nights are certainly growing colder as winter is close by – cosy, warm layers are a must! If possible, it’s also a good idea to have plenty of extra gloves, blankets and scarves handy for your guests
  • Fire not necessary: of course, not everyone will want a bonfire in the garden or have the space – a chiminea, fire pit or even a patio heater are great ways to provide some warmth!
  • Reliable British weather: for those who don’t immediately seek refuge indoors at the first sight of rain – having umbrellas, or even a gazebo if possible, means you can keep the party going!

Let there be light

  • Make sure people can see where they’re going and avoid accidents with adequate lighting
  • One way could be placing tea lights/battery-operated LED lights in glass jars/lantern bags on tables or along pathways
  • You could also keep flashlights/head torches handy
  • Create a welcoming ambience with outdoor lighting - like string fairy-lights

Love at first bite

Food can definitely be a big part of a get together - and often the most anticipated by guests! For your autumn garden party, we’d recommend keeping it simple and providing food that can be eaten standing up, as well as warming and spicy drinks.

  • Keep it nice and easy with classics like toffee apples and marshmallows for toasting
  • Warming and time-honoured favourites like hot chocolate and mulled cider will be popular at any autumn garden party!
  • Use warming plates and flasks to keep things warm
  • Serve drinks in plastic glasses to avoid breakages
  • Some great recipe ideas from BBC Good Food for you to try here
  • Variety is the spice of life: the undeniable cultural phenomenon that is the ‘pumpkin spice latte’ has become for many, emblematic of autumn. In addition to pumpkin, there’s also many other autumnal flavours that would get your guests into the seasonal spirit such as: apple, salted caramel, maple, hazelnut, cinnamon, pear, ginger and chai!
  • Why not create something yourself incorporating these flavours?

Stay safe

  • Fireworks, bonfires and sparklers can be dangerous – you can find some really useful safety recommendations here
  • A clever tip many are sharing on social media, is to put the metal end of a sparkler into a carrot: they don’t conduct heat, and can be held more easily and further away from the body than the thin piece of metal

Protect your green space

Having a bonfire on your lawn can cause some damage. Here are some ways to minimise impact:

Prevent scorching

  • Use a fire pit or brazier instead of a bonfire
  • If possible, choose a location for your bonfire away from the lawn
  • Launching fireworks directly from the lawn will leave scorch marks: a stable bucket filled with soil can be used as a launch pad
  • Old-fashioned favourites such as the wall or fence-mounted Catherine Wheel can reduce the risk of or singeing your lawn
  • Remove burnt-out rockets quickly – the hazardous chemicals they contain can damage the lawn

The bonfire

  • Avoid excessive smoke by sticking to burning dry, organic garden matter and not including too many leaves
  • Don’t forget to check for hidden hedgehogs before lighting!

Not a lost cause

  • If there is damage to your lawn caused by a bonfire or fireworks - don’t panic; as the experts, we’re able to repair damaged areas to make the lawn look good as new!
  • To help your lawn along the way back to recovery, rake ash back into the soil to add in nutrients (ash also keeps the slugs at bay!)

We hope these tips help your night go off with a bang!

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