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At GreenThumb, we want you to fall in love with your garden by ensuring your lawn reaches its full potential as the centrepiece of your garden.

Maybe your lawn is sprouting unsightly weeds or suffering from bald patches? Perhaps it’s old and worn out (can happen to us all!). Unfortunately, without the appropriate care and attention, time does take its toll on our lawns. However, there is a simple solution for breathing the life back into your lawn…  

Just like us, our lawns need food, water, and sunlight to survive! For your lawn to really thrive, it needs adequate fertiliser and feeding.

That’s where GreenThumb come in! We have three treatment programmes to choose from, all of which include our five core treatments, plus additional treatments dependent on your lawn needs. Our flexible approach to lawn care, means we’ll always have a solution for you! 

And, then it’s over to you to implement an effective watering regime and correct mowing. 

Tips on watering: https://www.greenthumb.co.uk/blog/watering-your-lawn/

Tips on mowing: https://www.greenthumb.co.uk/blog/mowing-your-lawn/

Benefits of outdoor spaces

Whether you enjoy the pleasures of gardening or you take pride in having the best lawn on the road, our gardens can mean much more.

Did you know, the smell of flowers and grass can help to relax us? A chemical released into the air from plants, trees, and grasses (phytoncides) will increase our level of white blood cells, in return building our immune system. Our gardens can also help to improve both self-esteem and mood, easing depression and anxiety. Pretty amazing, right? 

A survey shows that 7 out of 10 people believe having a garden has helped their mental health during lockdown with regular gardening activities. As well, 60% of participants felt their physical health benefited from gardening. 

75% of GreenThumb customers surveyed said their garden improved their lockdown experience. With many enjoying their outdoor spaces as a place to relax, revamp, al fresco dining, and of course, gardening! 

Join us on our mission to create a community of Lawn Lovers and be proud of your lawn. Speak to your local GreenThumb branch to arrange a free lawn analysis: 

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