You should Install a water butt

Water Butt in a GreenThumb Garden

Save, Store, and Sustain: The Benefits of Getting a Water Butt for Your Garden

I know summer may feel far away, but it’s best to be prepared. It’s time to start thinking about saving rainwater ready for the garden’s thirstiest months. 

Water is a precious resource and in the summer months more areas are implementing hosepipe bans due to increasing temperatures. It’s important we are not wasteful with our water supply.  

As our summers become hotter and drier, many lawns are not surviving due to lack of water. Just like us, our lawns need water.  

The UK weather is unpredictable, but we can all agree we do experience a lot of rainfall. Installing a water butt allows us to catch this rain and feed our lawns throughout the dry weather.   

Benefits of a water butt 

  • Reduces water waste and saves money – by utilising rainwater, you not only conserve a precious resource but also cut down on water bills.  
  • Plants prefer rainwater to tap water – Rainwater is naturally soft and free from the chemicals present in tap water, making it a preferred choice for plants. 
  • Environmentally friendly – Harvesting rainwater reduces the demand on local water supplies and promotes a more sustainable approach to gardening.  
  • Water your garden during dry periods – A water butt ensures a readily available supply of water for your garden, especially when other water sources may be restricted.  

How to install a water butt 

Installing a water butt is a straightforward process. Most water butts will come with clear instructions and diverters. But just in case...  

  1. It’s best to place your water butt on a flat surface beneath a convenient downpipe. You may need to elevate it to allow a watering can to fit underneath the tap.  
  2. Mark the height of the water butt on the downpipe. You will then need to the cut the pipe from this mark using a hacksaw (most recommend around 3cm). Attach the rainwater diverter fitting to the cut section of the downpipe.  
  3. Ensure you place the lid on top to stop any animals or insects from getting in.  
  4. Now just wait for the rain!  

Oasis Water Conserver 

Something to keep in mind in the warmer months is our Oasis Water Conserver treatment. It is essential in drought conditions. It helps reduce the amount of water your lawn needs – up to 80%. It helps your soil make the absolute best use of any available moisture whilst saving you time and energy. And what is better is Oasis is now included in all our treatment programme! 

You can learn more here: Oasis Lawn Treatment: The Science Behind Healthier Lawns | GreenThumb 


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