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Welcome to GreenThumb Cambridge

Providers of expert lawn care in the Cambridge area.

Welcome to GreenThumb Cambridge

Providers of expert Lawn Care in the Cambridge area

As the nation’s favourite Lawn Care partner, our local team of expert Lawn Lovers know exactly how to turn your lawn into your garden’s crowning glory.

New customers are always surprised at how little GreenThumb Lawn Treatments cost, even less than treating the lawns themselves. We also pride ourselves on the high levels of customer care and satisfaction our customers receive from us. To achieve this we provide a knowledgeable, efficient, reliable, and friendly service. We grow through word of mouth from customers who have been impressed by the results of our treatments.

GreenThumb Cambridge is entirely owned by GreenThumb, but what does this mean for our customers:

•    Branch staff receive support from Head Office as they share their expertise in technical requirements, customer service and customer support.
•    You have the assurance that we are committed to delivering a quality service with exceptional customer service, just as GreenThumb have been doing for the last 35 years.
•    You have the guarantee that all lawn treatments are delivered by friendly, fully qualified, and licensed Lawn Operatives.

Local lawn issues

There has been a huge rise in conditions that cause problems such as Red Thread - a viral fungus that attacks lawns and Leatherjackets - grubs that gorge on grass roots, leaving ugly bare patches. Moss and Chafer Grubs are also a common feature on the lawns around the Cambridge area, but the team are well-equipped to tackle all these common problems.

Additionally, lawns not watered regularly in dry conditions can cause the homeowner a major problem known as dry patch, where soil becomes water-repellent. Fortunately, we have a solution - our specialist Oasis Water Conserver Treatment. Oasis is a moisture magnet that once sprayed on to the lawn, ensures that it soaks up every drop of moisture available, whether that’s morning dew or summer downpours that normally run away.

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Every beautiful lawn is a labour of love, but it’s hard to get those results on your own. That’s why it pays to have an expert partner on your side. 

To achieve a lush green, weed-free lawn, we have three Lawn Treatment Programmes to choose from. Click here to take a look. 

It’s not just when we come to treat your lawn that you benefit from our know-how. You can call us or visit us online any time for advice on all things luscious lawn related. Here at GreenThumb, we know the secret to a beautiful lawn is working together.

Call us to arrange a free lawn analysis and see how little it costs to have a great looking lawn.

Postcodes we cover:

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Meet The Team

The people that make a beautiful lawn possible

Team Member Leeann Pearson Branch Supervisor
Team Member Julie James Office Administrator
Team Member Gerrard DeWolf Senior Lawn Advisor
Team Member Alex Craig Lawn Advisor
Team Member Andy Burnett Lawn Advisor
Team Member Ryan Scott Lawn Advisor


Read what our happy customers said about us

We had a garden party yesterday and the talking point for everybody was the incredible appearance of our lawn. Green Thumb’s praises were sung many times when I was repeatedly asked how did I do it! Well done to your team 

Don Davies | 07/06/2017

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