What is Oasis?

Lovely, healthy GreenThumb lawn with stripes and border on a summer day

GreenThumb’s Oasis Water Conserver Treatment has long been one of our most popular treatments, and a fantastic solution to helping your lawn make the most out of less water.

Here at GreenThumb, we’re conscious of water usage and of course ensuring our customers have the healthiest, greenest lawn possible. This is where our Oasis treatment helps.

This specialised water conserver treatment is applied as a liquid spray all over your lawn. Oasis complements your regular watering regime, keeping your grass hydrated and healthy, meaning you’ll need to water up to 80% less. Over recent years, we have enhanced this treatment with a Seaweed Extract Micronutrient and colour boost, giving your lawn even better results.

Why is the Oasis Treatment so vital for a nice lawn?

Remember last year’s summer? Hot. Great for us, but not so great for our lawns. Many lawns across the U.K. dried out as a result of the drought.

As droughts and hosepipe bans brought on by global warming become increasingly common, Oasis is a necessity for your lawn. Applied any time from April to September, Oasis improves the movement of moisture through the soil to the root. Ensuring water (rain, recycled or morning dew) is spread to the right places then retained. The liquid seaweed extract supports the root system and boosts the colour of your lawn.

Just like humans, lawns need water to survive. As a result of reduced rainfall, lawns are suffering. Since lawn grasses are 85% water, we feel a sense of obligation to ensure that every one of our customers’ lawns should benefit as best it can from the natural consequence of rainfall.

Grass without Oasis and with Oasis

Even if the lawn might need a drink from you because of extreme dry weather, the watering needs are reduced by as much as 80% depending on soil type. Heavier soils benefitting the most.

This is why all our treatment programmes now include Oasis.

Benefits of Oasis

  • Improves absorption of any water received.
  • Encourages root development, essential for healthy grass.
  • Makes vital nutrients more readily available.
  • Protects against the effects of dry conditions and sparse rainfall.

Oasis works like this:

Penetration: Significantly improves the movement of any moisture through the soil to the root zone where it’s required, rather than draining right through or sitting on top.

Spreadability: Effectively moves water to the right places and spreads it through the soil to benefit the whole lawn. Essential nutrients will be better able to access the roots, as nutrients use water to travel through the soil, Oasis enhances this process.

Retention: Retains water at the root zone for longer, making it more readily available for the grass plant.

With 2023 summer temperatures predicted to be hotter than 2022, it’s important to keep your grass hydrated. It takes a lot more time (and money) to bring a dry, brown lawn back to life than it does to conserve your water with our Oasis treatment.

The preparation to a lush lawn starts now. You can book a free lawn consultation here: Book A Consultation – GreenThumb

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