Garden trends for 2023

GreenThumb lawn with patio stepping stones and an arch

As we are now spending more time at home, many of us look to our gardens as an inviting green space which we can enjoy. Throughout the pandemic, we saw how precious this outdoor space is and are now continuing to appreciate the physical and wellbeing benefits of our gardens.

We’ve looked at just some of the garden trends lead gardeners believe will take shape in 2023 and how you can enhance your green spaces…

Eco-friendly gardens

With the current climate, many of us are trying to be more sustainable and this is spreading to our gardens. By creating an eco-friendly garden, you can help to conserve resources and ultimately do your part to protect our planet. You can install a water butt, create a compost heap, introduce more plant diversity, and leaf mulching to improve your soil.

Wild Garden

A Wild Garden is the ‘imperfect’ look but you can still have an aesthetically pleasing garden whilst also protecting wildlife. Many people are either leaving a space in their garden to grow wild or creating a spot that allows nature to thrive.

Some simple ways are leaving a spot of grass to grow wild, creating a raised flower bed; single-flowering varieties of plants and open flowers are the best to encourage wildlife. Have a living mat of plants and wildflowers to cover your shred roof or build a shelter for wildlife out of debris and leave food and water out.

Wellbeing Garden

Since the pandemic, the benefits of gardening are much more valued. The benefits go much further than a place to socialise, being outdoors and connecting with nature are key for our wellbeing. This is influencing our choice to surround ourselves with a lush lawn and colourful plants.

Our recent Share the Lawn Love campaign in partnership with the National Garden Scheme, and Scotland’s Gardens Scheme, helps to promote the wellbeing benefits of a healthy, green lawn to those worthy nominees by providing a years’ worth of GreenThumb treatments.

Drought-tolerant Plants

With last years drought and lack of water, many people are choosing plants to suit current growing conditions. You can find a list of the best drought-tolerant plants here: Drought-resistant plants / RHS Gardening

Inside Outside

This trend is all about bringing your interior design, outside, creating an extension that is harmonious to your living space. This can include plants that work both indoors and out, outdoor rugs, sofas and garden mirrors. The perfect spot for socialising and hosting BBQs this Summer.

GreenThumb are continuously working on new sustainable treatments to help improve our lawns. Our Oasis Water Conserver treatment reduces the need to water lawn by up to 80%. Oasis helps your soil make the very best use of any available moisture, whether it’s rain, recycled water, or morning dew, protecting your lawn from the effects of dry conditions and sparse rainfall - read more here.

What will you be doing in your garden this year?

For inspiration, why not visit one of your local National Garden Scheme gardens? They have some beautiful, well maintained gardens cared for by garden enthusiasts. All money raised for entry, tea and cakes is donated to the best loved UK nursing and health charities. Find your local garden here: Find a Garden | National Garden Scheme (

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