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Spring Ready Treatment


At GreenThumb, our Technical Team never tire from innovating expert solutions to fantastic Lawn Care. We’re continuously developing new and exciting Lawn Treatments to keep your lawn looking it’s best.

We wanted to create a lawn treatment which could help the lawn look its best should the weather in the early months of the year favour doing so, or keep the nutrients locked-in if the weather conditions are not ideal. After years of testing, we are delighted to have such a treatment.

This is why we are so excited about our new Spring Ready treatment, which is already working its magic on some of your lawns!

What is the ‘Spring Ready Treatment?’

Our Spring Ready Treatment means we’ll be treating your lawn earlier than usual, the moment Spring arrives.

Featuring a dual conditional release, our new fertiliser will only release when the conditions of moisture and warm soil temperature are perfect. However, if the weather changes and we get a cold spell the fertiliser will stop its controlled release, lock up and wait for the optimal conditions to be right before it continues. It can be applied from as early as January, meaning you’ll benefit from a beautiful, healthy lawn much earlier in the year (only GreenThumb customers will have this great advantage over other lawns). This is very clever coating technology, we’re the first to provide such a unique treatment and we’re very proud of it!

To learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60rTFtqPR0Y

How will this affect the timing of your first lawn treatment??

This specially coated fertiliser will enable us to ensure that all our customers have had their Spring Ready treatment by Mid-March, and no-one will have to wait until April or even later to get their most important feed of the year. We are thrilled that all our customers will benefit from their lawn being prepared for the Spring no matter when mother nature decides when that is.

A micronutrient feed will also be applied to help manage moss if it’s present in the lawn.

What will happen if we get freezing conditions or even snow, will this affect the treatment?

No. The most important feature of this advanced technology feed is that the amount of nutrients released is controlled by both the ground temperature and moisture levels. It will patiently sit there with its coat on waiting for warmer weather. However, if there has been a prolonged period of heavy frost in your region, we would need to look at this closely before applying any treatment, potentially delaying the treatment until the heavy frost is over to ensure your grass blades are not brittle. Conditions on lawns change from region to region, lawn to lawn and day to day, so each lawn will be treated appropriately and correctly.

Do you want to take advantage of this amazing product? Contact your local branch to book: https://www.greenthumb.co.uk/contact


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