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Planning for 2022


As we look forward to better weather and a new year starting, wouldn’t it be lovely to spend 2022 alongside a lawn you can be proud of? 

We have three fantastic Lawn Treatment Programmes to choose from, Basic, Standard and Ultimate. All which feature our 5 core treatments, inclusive of weed and moss control to keep your lawn looking healthy. 

You can also add on our additional treatment’s dependent on the lawn treatment programme you choose, which will help your lawn take centre stage as your garden’s crowning glory. 

Join GreenThumb today and give your lawn a head start with our revolutionary Spring Ready treatment!

What is the ‘Spring Ready Treatment?’

Watch our recent Spring Ready video to reveal our secrets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiLmzO3flPA

Our Spring Ready Treatment means you’ll be seeing us very soon! Our Spring Ready treatment will ensure that all of our customers benefit from their lawn being ready the moment Spring arrives!

Applied from early January, Spring Ready allows you to benefit from a beautiful, healthy lawn much earlier in the year. How? Featuring a dual conditional realise, this fertiliser will only release its nutrients when the right soil temperature and moisture levels harmonise, creating the optimal time for your individual lawn to be fed – It’s very clever technology and only GreenThumb customers will have this great advantage over other lawns!

A micronutrient feed will also be applied to help manage moss if it’s present in the lawn. A weed control can be applied from March onwards, if we see active growth in your lawn. 

What will happen if we get freezing conditions or even snow, will this affect the treatment?

No. The most important feature of this advanced technology feed is that the amount of nutrients released is controlled by both the ground temperature and moisture levels. It will patiently sit there with its coat on waiting for warmer weather. 

However, if there has been a prolonged period of heavy frost in your region, we would need to look at this closely before applying any treatment, potentially delaying the treatment until the heavy frost is over to ensure your grass blades are not brittle. Conditions on lawns change from region to region, lawn to lawn and day to day, so each lawn will be treated appropriately and correctly.

GreenThumb Lawn Makeover 

You could start the new year, with a brand-new lawn! Maybe your lawn is beyond its best, a patchwork of good and bad grasses or you perhaps you just want a new lawn, then our Lawn Makeover is just what you need! 
•    Our Lawn Makeover is ideal for:
•    Lawns full of unsightly weed-grasses
•    Anyone who wants their lawn to be the best it can be
•    Worn-our lawns – maybe decades old
•    Lawns with very little grass – almost all moss and weeds
•    New build homes or properties laid with poor quality turf
•    Lawns that have suffered from disease and need a fresh start

With a 12-step process, our Lawn Makeover is not a superficial, quick fix transformation. No, we give you a brand-new lawn using our bespoke Diamond Green seed. It’s more cost effective, with superior results when compared with re-turfing, and with less disruption to the homeowner! 

Find out more here:  https://www.greenthumb.co.uk/treatments/lawn-makeover

If you want a lawn to be proud of in 2022, contact your local GreenThumb branch to arrange a free lawn analysis: www.greenthumb.co.uk/branch

Or why not treat the fellow Lawn Lover in your life and kick-start their Lawn Care journey? You can order GreenThumb Gift Vouchers here: https://greenthumbgifts.co.uk/


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