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Enjoy your garden, all Summer Long


How are you spending your Summer? 

The weather so far this year has been strange to say the least. However, a heatwave is expected this July! So, fingers crossed we can enjoy our Summer in the sun. Even better, alongside a lush, green lawn all Summer Long. 

Our NutraGreen Summer Long Treatment is an integral part of maintaining a beautiful lawn, working hard to reduce your weeds and green up your grass. 

This revolutionary ‘Summer Long’ treatment has the longest feeding period GreenThumb have ever produced – between 4-5 months! The fertiliser has a unique coating which enables it to sit patiently on your lawn, waiting for the optimal weather conditions and moisture levels before releasing its nutrients onto your lawn.

NutraGreen Summer Long also benefits from GreenThumb's tailored liquid herbicide application. Often the more challenging lawn weeds present themselves at this time of the year and our tailored and regional approach to weed management deals with weeds efficiently and effectively. If you have any left, of course!

At this time of the year, your lawn is most susceptible to dry weather. For best results of a wonderful looking lawn, it’s important to implement a regular watering regime. See our handy tips below:
-    Watering in the evening is best for your lawn.
-    Water for only 20 minutes at a time to avoid ‘run off’. 
-    For more efficient watering, use a sprinkler and a timer.
-    Watering costs far less than reseeding or replacing a lawn which has died of thirst. Our Oasis Water Conserver can also help to reduce the need to water by up to 80%!

Oasis is our solution to helping your soil make the very best use of any available moisture, whether it’s rain, recycled water, or even morning dew. We’ve added a liquid seaweed extract to improve the colour and quality of your lawn almost immediately. This innovative solution also improves your grasses root development and strengthens it against natural stress factors. Oasis will keep your grass greener, for longer!

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