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Top Dressing and Overseeding

Lawn Treatment

Lawn Treatment

Over time, lawns start to thin out, allowing moss and weeds to take over. The best defence is to introduce new seed into the lawn; this will ensure it remains thick and healthy on an ongoing basis. 
Our Top Dressing is a bespoke, 100% organic product, made up of green waste. It's used for overseeding to nourish and protect developing grass plants, and to also enrich sandy soil or improve clay soil.

If you want your lawn to stay thick and dense, it will need over - seeding. Ideally when sowing, the new seed requires warmth, moisture, and sufficient soil contact; ground temperature needs to be above 5c. It’s important for the seed to remain moist, so we recommend that you water the reseeded areas if there hasn’t been sufficient rainfall. Mowing can continue at a higher setting to allow the seed applied to germinate and blend in, after the new grass has fully grown (when it’s reached the two-leaf stage) then you can cut down to your normal height.

We have developed our own exclusive and bespoke grass seed called Diamond Green. It’s a blend of Fescue and Perennial Rye grasses which adapt specifically to any environment. For example, Rye grass performs better in heavier clay soils and Fescue more so in sandier soils.

Our unique Diamond Green seed has many benefits:
-    Fast establishment
-    Improved colour
-    Improves tolerance to drought, shade, disease, and close mowing

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