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  2. NutraGreen Spring Ready


Jan - March


  • Controlled-release fertiliser
  • Micronutrient feed to control moss


  • Encourages regulated growth and colour
  • Helps with moss management and weed control when appropriate

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NutraGreen Spring Ready

The best possible start to the year

Watch our Rules of Thumb video on 'Spring Ready' here:

Awaken your lawn from its winter slumber with our innovative NutraGreen ‘Spring Ready’ Treatment. Our unique fertiliser only releases when the combination of moisture and soil temperatures are just right (how clever!). This intelligent design has been specially created exclusively for GreenThumb customers; your lovely lawns are the only ones to benefit from it.

Our ‘Spring Ready’ Treatment can endure snow, frost, and even heavy rain on your lawn as it lies dormant waiting for the most effective time to release nutrients. Subsequent cold weather snaps will halt the fertiliser release so no need to worry about flushes of growth at the wrong time of the year. We also apply a micronutrient feed that helps manage moss and when we start seeing weed growth, from March onwards we will apply targeted weed control.

Spring is a good time of the year to have Aeration and Scarification. If it’s not included in your treatment programme, why not add it on or join our Standard or Ultimate programmes to receive a generous discount.

Admire your lawn as it awakens, breathing new life back into its thick, green blades, fully prepared for you both to enjoy the year ahead, together.

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Homeowners complain more about moss on their lawn than any other lawn problem.

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Daisies, dandelions, clover, buttercups.  All very nice in a meadow, but not in the middle of your lawn. 

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