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GreenThumb Enfield

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Many of Andrew & Sharon Wheaton's customers often say “We don’t know how you do it for the price”, Andrew and Sharon say:“Our aim is to give that personal service to every one of our clients, by treating every lawn as if it is our own.”

Andrew says: "I love the work we do and there is nothing to compare to that look a client gives us, when they see the improvement to their lawn. This is why I think so many people recommend us".

Andrew and Sharon took over ownership of the GreenThumb Enfield franchise in 2007, and now together with Paul Mcbride, Chris Hopkins, Tamas Simon, Joe Prior and Jason Rose look after 2700 clients over an area that covers Enfield, Botany Bay, Potters Bar, Brookmans Park, Crews Hill, Cuffley, Hammond Street, Waltham Abbey, Waltham Cross, Cheshunt, Broxbourne, Hoddesdon, Chingford and Nazing.

Each customer receives a minimum of five lawn treatments from GreenThumb’s experts for less than it would cost to buy the materials at a D.I.Y store and do the job yourself.

The first three treatments help the lawn look lush, healthy and weed free, with the fourth and fith visits helping to control moss. As our area sits on London clay, many of the lawns are badly drained and often overshadowed by mature trees, which are perfect conditions for moss to thrive in. If required GreenThumb’s Lawn Operatives can tackle the moss problem using hollow-tine aeration and scarification.  These machine treatments reduce compaction and thatch so, together with regular feed and weed treatments, can restore your lawn to its pristine condition.

Wet, snowy winters and parched summers present their own issues, being ideal conditions for disease to flourish. Andy, Paul, Chris, Tamas, Joe and Jason are skilled at dealing with local problems, from a fungicide for Red Thread or Fusarium, common funguses turning the grass red or orange-brown, to a water retainer if the soil develops Dry Patch and the grass starts to turn brown.

Lawn pests can undo all the good work done by a gardener; our operatives look out for the tell tale signs of problem insects. The most common but not exclusively in our area are the Leatherjackets. These larvae of the crane fly or daddy long legs feast on the root zone, killing the grass and have been known to turn the healthiest lawn into a sea of mud.

GreenThumb Enfield is proud to announce that their Head Lawn Operative Paul Mcbride is the first winner of GreenThumb’s national award - ‘Employee of the Year’.

We look forward to helping you gain the lawn you wish for.


Read what our happy customers said about us

  • "Our lawn is much improved, money well spent!"

    Date: 03.10.2014

  • "Our front lawn was full of moss and weeds, we thought that we would have to spend thousands having it re-turfed, GreenThumb have worked miracles and we now have an amazing lawn."

    Date: 03.10.2014

  • "Our lawn has never looked so good in 50 years."

    Date: 03.10.2014

  • "Fab service! Would cost me more to buy fertilizer and week killer myself and I have no idea what I'm doing."

    Date: 03.10.2014

  • "We have gone from having the worst lawn in Brookmans Park to the best!"

    Date: 03.10.2014

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