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Welcome to GreenThumb Tyneside North

Providers of expert lawn care in the Tyneside North area.

GreenThumb Tynside North is run by Michael Parkin and his team, we look after thousands of lawns, keeping them lush and weed-free.

Throughout the growing season each lawn receives four pre-scheduled treatments to keep the grass looking good. Our customers actually pay less than it would cost to buy the materials from a D.I.Y store to do the job themselves. 

Our Lawn advisers are skilled and have many years of experience dealing with lawn problems that affect grass in the Tyneside areas.

There has been a big change in climate conditions in recent years that cause problems such as:

  • Red Thread, a viral fungus that attacks the lawn
  • Moss, a big problem everywhere at the moment due to the extended wet weather
  • Dry patch, where the grass dies back due to a lack of moisture, a particular problem in clay soil areas.

Fortunately our expert team are well equipped to tackle these common lawn problems.

Red Thread
The first signs of infestation would be brown patches of decaying grass. Upon close inspection very fine pink needles can be identified. Red Thread is a Symptom of high humidity or low fertility, it is advisable for our customers to receive their regular fertiliser treatments. However, if the problem persists due to humid conditions we can apply a fungicide treatment 2-3 weeks after the weed and feed is applied.

Moss thrives in damp and shady areas; lawns usually affected are those with heavy surface thatch or clay soil. Raking will only remove dead moss, it will not cure it. Moss Control is included in the autumn/winter seasonal treatment. It works by dehydrating the Moss, turning it black and bringing it under control.

Scarification is a rigorous and thorough operation to remove surface thatch; its main objective is not moss removal, but the removal of the cause of Moss.

Hollow-tine Aeration
This treatment reduces compaction and thins out the layer of sub-surface thatch. The process removes thousands of small cores from the surface of the lawn. This will then allow nutrients, water and oxygen to reach the root zone, which speeds up the improvement of the lawn. In dry conditions a major problem with lawns not watered regularly is dry patch: This can be treated by aerating the lawn followed by our specialist water conserver treatments.

Lawn Makeover Programme

  • Anyone who wants the best lawn you can get
  • Worn-out lawns - maybe many decades old
  • Lawns with very little grass - almost all moss and weeds
  • New-build homes or properties with poor - quality turf
  • Lawns full off unsightly weed grasses

It’s good to talk, so whether you would like to find out more about using our service, or you are already a customer, we would love to hear from you. "Our aim is to continue to provide a professional, quality service."

Thank you for taking the time to visit our webpage and hope to see you soon.

We are excited to announce that GreenThumb Tyneside North has pledged its support to the new Lawn Assured Standard from BASIS; an independent standard-setting and auditing organisation for the pesticide, fertiliser and allied industries, helping companies meet legal and regulatory requirements and adhere to best practice.

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