Welcome to GreenThumb Maidstone

David Hayter launched the GreenThumb service in Maidstone and Medway back in 1999. They started from scratch but since then the company has grown enormously – mainly through recommendations and word of mouth. In fact, every year they and their team of five now carry out treatments on thousands of lawns in the Maidstone and Medway area! 

“We both worked in a steel mill before setting up GreenThumb here,” says James. “We hated the shift work but this couldn’t be more different!”

But the pair have their work cut out keeping the region’s lawns looking perfect.

Leatherjackets, common lawn pests, leave bare patches if not treated and the region is also prone to long dry spells in the summer.

“We want the business to keep growing,” says James. “And the way to do that is through customer satisfaction!”