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Welcome to GreenThumb Lewes

Providers of expert lawn care in the Lewes area.

Hello, I’m Helen, the GreenThumb Lewes Franchisee. I have always loved gardening and creating beautiful outside spaces. Having used GreenThumb personally and knowing it to be the industry leader in lawn treatment, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take over my local franchise in June 2016.

There are currently three members on the team, all of whom are licensed and qualified lawn advisors.  Between us we bring a wealth of experience and knowledge in lawn care and are committed to providing a bespoke, quality service.

What we offer

  • A free lawn analysis undertaken by an experienced lawn advisor
  • A bespoke treatment programme to help give you a great looking, weed free lawn
  • A competitive pricing structure, you can pay as you go or opt to pay on a direct debit basis which offers discounts on treatments
  • Ongoing advice on how to get a great looking lawn

We provide four seasonal treatments a year (fertilizer, weed kill and moss control). In addition, we carry out the following treatments:

  • Scarification to manage the thatch layer
  • Aeration to reduce compaction
  • Fungicides to treat a range of lawn diseases
  • Water conserver to help keep moisture attached to the root zone and reduce the amount of watering needed to keep your lawn looking green during dry periods
  • Growth regulator to reduce vertical growth, improve the thickness of the lawn and strength of the root structure
  • Pest management treatments
  • Seeding work, from repairing small patches to Lawn Makeovers 

Our area
We currently treat over 1000 lawns a year (and growing!) from Telscombe Cliffs to Polegate, from Seaford to Nutley and everywhere in between.

Postcodes:  BN7, BN8 (sectors 5 & 6), BN9, BN10, BN25, BN26, BN27 (sectors 3 & 4), TN22

We treat all size lawns – nothing is too big or too small. We provide all our customer with the same level of care and attention.

Contact us
If you would like to chat about our services and how we can help you or to arrange a free lawn analysis and quote, please get in touch.

Tel: 01273 020720
Email: lewes@greenthumb.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you.

We are excited to announce that GreenThumb Lewes has pledged its support to the new Lawn Assured Standard from BASIS; an independent standard-setting and auditing organisation for the pesticide, fertiliser and allied industries, helping companies meet legal and regulatory requirements and adhere to best practice.

Postcodes we cover:

BN10BN25BN26BN27 3BN27 4BN7BN8 5BN8 6BN9TN22 1TN22 2TN22 3TN22 4TN22 5


Read what our happy customers said about us

“I started to use the services of Green Thumb in March 2020 on the standard programme. This worked well, however by March 2021 I upgraded to the ultimate programme because the centre portion of my lawns had become very degraded and damaged because of a large silver birch tree which was taking all the moisture from the ground. I had the tree demolished in March 2021, and by reason of having this centre piece of lawn resown by Green Thumb and upgrading to the ultimate programme the transformation has been remarkable. All three areas of my lawns are now very verdant and looking very good. Green Thumb operatives are always very polite and thorough in the work that they carry out and all treatments have been delivered on time. I am extremely please with the service they have given me over the 22 months of service. I shall continue to use them."

CC | Uckfield | 03/02/2022

I have been a GreenThumb customer for several years now and have always been delighted with their help and support in making my lawns look lovely.  Earlier this year my lawns suffered severe damage due to a leatherjacket infestation. I immediately contacted Helen and her team at GreenThumb. I was given advice about what I could do immediately to try to get rid of the leatherjackets 

In addition Helen came out and inspected the lawns and reassured me that GreenThumb would do their best to get them back in condition. Towards the end of May Gavin spent the morning scarifying, treating and seeding my lawns. I was advised to water my lawns frequently and after doing so for a few weeks they started to come back to life. Throughout this time Helen remained in contact with me making sure things were going as they should have been.

I am delighted to say that my lawns are almost back to where they were before the infestation. Helen has been out and inspected them and we have agreed a plan for the Autumn to try to make sure that the problem doesn’t return.

In summary, I have received expert advice and support throughout and I am indebted to Helen and her team at GreenThumb. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Mrs G | Lewes | 22/07/2020

'My autumn highlight was the transformation of my lawn by GreenThumb - excellent' 

Mr A | Seaford | 09/01/2020

I have seen a great in my lawn since using the services of Green Thumb. It is now a really good colour and weed free. Green Thumb keep me well informed about treatment and I find the staff very knowledgeable and polite. Keep up the good work

Mr Walters | Lewes | 18/12/2019

After landscaping work, Green Thumb seeded my new front lawn. The result was the creation of uniform growth and colour of grass, which I now manage. They provide Spring, Summer,Autumn and Winter treatments that suppress weed and moss growth with annual scarifying and aeration. The result is superb.
They also extend this service over my back lawn, which is a mixture of seeding and turfing that I carried out following landscaping. The result is that this is nearly as good as the front lawn. Helen and her team provide a comprehensive and cost effective service that I recommend highly.

Mike & Tanya | Sussex | 05/12/2019

Total Transformation: Helen and the team have transformed our tired and patchy grass into a lawn we're proud of. They reseeded the lawn in stages and have worked their magic to ensure the new lush grass grows well and that the lawn is moss and weed free. We are delighted with what they have achieved and are very happy to recommend their renovation and maintenance services to others

Mrs Walker | Seaford | 04/12/2019

We moved house 2 years ago and it has a much bigger garden than I’ve ever been used to. Feeling quite daunted, I decided to contact Helen at our local Green Thumb branch in Lewes. What a great decision that has proved to be. Helen and her team are a delight to deal with and very reliable. Our lawn has improved significantly over the last two years and I would not hesitate to recommend their services. My next door neighbour now uses their services, which says everything really

Mr Blackboys | East Sussex | 04/12/2019

Turned my tired lawn by seeding it from scratch into a weedless, nice looking lawn. Would recommend.

Mr Wells | Hailsham | 04/12/2019

I would highly recommend Green Thumb services, my father who lived in Surrey used them with amazing results and I was delighted to find they had a branch in Sussex when I purchased my house. I have used them now for several years and they have transformed my lawn, something I was trying to achieve by myself. I have found that they are knowledgeable, cost effective and friendly. 10/10.

Mr Moss | Lewes | 04/12/2019

I have had great comments with regard to my lawns. They are so lovely and green after the 'desert' look of last year!
I have GreenThumb to thank for this. They re seeded them in April after clearing away the old dried up grass and taking it all away. They have given advice regarding care and making several visits to check on the growth and feeding when necessary. My thanks to them

Anne | Lewes | 05/09/2019

GreenThumb achieved our lawn makeover with what appeared to be consummate ease. Within two weeks of the old lawn disappearing green shoots were everywhere. After another couple of weeks a lush lawn was in place and thoughts had turned to the first cut. Throughout the process Greenthumb were extremely professional and always on hand with advice and reassurance. We are very pleased with our new lawn and would recommend GreenThumb to any anybody considering a lawn makeover.

John | Seaford | 09/07/2019

Green Thumb are knowledgeable, dependable, friendly and helpful. Our weedy grass has been transformed. Within in a year it resembles a lawn! We have been happy to recommend Helen's team to friends and family

Anne | Wannock, East Sussex | 28/06/2018

After many years of struggling with our lawns, Helen and her team have managed to turn them into lawns to be proud of - we are so delighted

L Coleman | Piltdown | 14/06/2018

After moving into our new home three years ago, we decided to completely clear the garden…. We had the trees cut down, patio dug up etc: It was a huge undertaking.
The newly-laid lawn was lovely. When weeds first appeared, I sprayed them. They died, as did a circle of grass around each weed. It looked dreadful and we were heartbroken.
Having sought your help, I kept my fingers crossed. It has proved to be one of the best decisions ever. You have worked miracles.
Thank you so much for all the help and advice you've given. Our lawn is nearing perfection. It’s lush green and free of weeds.
Even our neighbours have commented on what a delight it is to look out on to.
Thank you all so much.

Mr Harmes | Peacehaven | 14/06/2018

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