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GreenThumb Leighton

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Darren Toomey launched the GreenThumb franchise for Leighton Buzzard in 2006 but today, he and his team look after more than 1,000 lawns in the area and the number is rapidly rising every month! 

Each customer receives four pre-scheduled lawn treatments a year which actually cost less than the price of D.I.Y materials on sale in stores. In addition, Darren can tackle common lawn conditions in the Leighton Buzzard area such as Red Thread, a fungal disease and Leatherjackets, grubs that gorge on grass roots leaving ugly, bare patches and Darren knows all about providing excellent customer service.

Before launching GreenThumb he was a regional planner for supermarket giant Tesco, he says: “I left because I wanted to run my own business, one I knew would grow and give my family security. I realised that the service GreenThumb provides and the products it uses are of the highest quality so I could see it has a long term future. Now my plans are to give customers value for money and satisfaction – while continuing to grow my client base!”


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GreenThumb Team Member

Lawn Operative

GreenThumb Team Member

Lawn Operative

GreenThumb Team Member

Lawn Operative

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Telephone: 01908 221497

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