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GreenThumb Doncaster East

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Chris and Tess Potton have been running the GreenThumb Doncaster East branch since February 2009 and are able to boast that they provide professional lawn care for almost 2500 customers. Their operating area stretches from the east side of Doncaster to the western side of Scunthorpe and includes Thorne, Finningley, Westwoodside, Epworth, Crowle and Messingham.

Chris, along with Tim, Dan, Matty and Nigel, are the fully trained and uniformed lawn technicians who carry out our professional lawn treatments, while Tess and Elaine are on hand to deal with telephone enquiries and coordinate activities from the office.  We are a friendly and professional team who enjoy working together and transforming lawns throughout our area.  Our lawn technicians are interested in their work and we regularly exceed customer expectations.

During the main growing season – from March to October - each customer receives regular, pre-arranged lawn treatments. Customers always know in advance when we will attend to treat the lawn and our lawn technicians are always happy to discuss your lawn and offer advice on how to keep it in tip top condition.

Customer service is at the heart of our operations and if at any time customers have concerns, about any aspect of their lawn, we encourage them to let us know.  We will very happily visit, free of charge, to offer advice and remedial action because we want our customers lawns to look great.

GreenThumb products are of the highest quality and are professionally applied in exactly the right quantities to give excellent results. This removes the need for you to handle chemicals risking damage to the lawn and the cost of our service compares very well with DIY.  Even customers who have professional gardeners choose to use us because our products are superior to those a gardener can usually source and our price is so reasonable.

In the winter we apply our moss control and lawn feed treatments to strengthen the grass, keep it healthy during the colder months and control the spread of moss. Moss thrives in cold damp locations and is most active in the winter months and if allowed to thrive will choke the lawn.  Lawns are prone to get moss if they are in a shaded location or if they have excessive thatch (buildup of dead fibrous matter).  We encourage customers to cut back overhanging shrubs to keep the lawn as open as possible.  Our aeration and scarification treatments reduce thatch thereby minimizing moss.  Many of our customers now have annual aeration and scarification along with the regular treatments and get some excellent discounts with our Direct Debit packages.

We have lawn treatments to help further improve the appearance of your lawn such as our water conserver and growth regulator and there are treatments for insect infestation, fungal infections and even worm casts. 

When the soil gets very dry in the summer months it will not easily absorb water and even a heavy summer downpour runs to waste.  Our water conserver affects the soil such that any moisture is absorbed into the soil.  If there is no rain any watering you need to do is reduced because every drop is absorbed.

Our growth regulator reduces the amount of vertical growth in the grass instead directing that growth energy into side shoots and root development.  Lawn clippings are dramatically reduced and we usually apply this treatments to make life easier in the peak growing season.  The beneficial side effect of the treatment is that the lawn can become a little thicker and more drought tolerant.

Often lawns are affected by fungal infections that leave them looking brown, patchy and unpleasant when you most want to admire and enjoy them.  Our fungicide treatments help the lawn to recover from these infections so that the lawn can be enjoyed at its best.

The first step for a new customer is to give us a call.  We will arrange to carry out a ‘Free, No Obligation’ lawn analysis to advise you of the price and the best package of treatments for your lawn. Prices are determined by the area of the lawn and basic lawn treatments start from just £15, the average treatment price for our area being approximately £23. Many customers now enjoy the discounts available on our Direct Debit packages which spread the cost of your lawn treatments evenly over the year but we offer a full range of payment options.  New customers are usually pleasantly surprised at our reasonable prices.

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Read what our happy customers said about us

  • The lawns are really looking better now, nice and green, Thank you GreenThumb.

    Date: 09.03.2016

  • “We have a beautiful green lawn which is our pride and joy, and it would not look like it does without GreenThumb.  We would not hesitate to recommend GreenThumb for lawn excellence”

    Date: 12.03.2015

  • We were out at the time of the visit and on our return we were very impressed with the work carried out and how tidy everything was, all swept up and clean.

    Date: 09.03.2016

  • Always Great Service

    Date: 09.03.2016

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