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  2. Nutragreen 1 (Spring)


March - May


  • Encourages new growth
  • Improves colour and overall health
  • Controls weeds


  • Granular fertiliser
  • Targeted herbicide spray

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Nutragreen 1 (Spring)

The best possible start to the year

Spring is all about new growth and rejuvenation. We designed Nutragreen 1 to work in cooler temperatures, encouraging the grass plant to wake from its dormant state into the growing period. It provides the right ratios of nutrients to help the grass grow stronger and give it that vibrant colour.

There is a fine balance between conventional and the controlled release of nutrients. Too much conventional and the lawn grows too quickly. Too much controlled and the lawn loses the opportunity to look great in cool conditions and you’ll lose that deep green display, whatever the temperatures. 

Millions of treatments have taught us the right balance for domestic lawns at this time of the year. That’s why we don’t use ‘off the shelf’ products and developed Nutragreen 1 for GreenThumb exclusively.

Spring weather conditions tend to result in a flourish of young weeds, so this treatment also includes a selective herbicide.

Lawn Treatment

How it works

The fertiliser part of the treatment contains the ideal balance of micronutrients to support the development of the grass plant; our experts control its application to make sure growth is adequate but not excessive. The formula breaks down like this:

  • Nitrogen encourages strength
  • Phosphorous supports root development
  • Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium contribute to the overall health of the plant

Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for growth but it isn't stored by the soil so it has to be added. It's broken down by the soil into nitrates which can then be taken up through the plants' roots. All the other micronutrients are already present in the soil so adding the fertiliser supports and rejuvenates the existing soil nutrients.

The herbicide part of the treatment is used to control broad-leafed weeds, such as dandelion, daisy, clover and buttercup. When sprayed it enters the plant via the leaf, disrupting its normal growth pattern. Gradually the appearance of weeds in the lawn reduce over the following three weeks and throughout the growing season.

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