Spring Treatment

Female Lawn Operative Applying Fertilizer to Lawn

Spring is associated with new growth and rejuvenation which, in part, parallels the expectations of our spring treatments. Our customised fertiliser encourages the grass plant to waken from its dormancy and into the growing period. The treatments provide sufficient nutrients to aid the grass to grow stronger and give it a vibrant colour.

The spring weather conditions are conducive to weeds being able to germinate very quickly; our selective herbicide, sprayed on these weeds when they are young, helps to reduce their presence in the lawn.

The fertiliser contains the necessary macro nutrients to support the development of the grass plant; the N.P.K+Mg+Ca components ensure a balanced fertiliser. The controlled application rate ensures that the growth is adequate but not excessive; the N encourages strength in the plant; P supports root development and the K,Mg+Ca contributes to the overall health of the plant. Soil breaks the N down into nitrates, allowing the plant to take this up through the rooting system; soil does not store this essential nutrient for growth so it will need to be added. The remaining macro nutrients are already present in the soil so when the fertiliser is applied, it simply supports and rejuvenates the existing soil nutrients.

The herbicide product used is designed for the control of broad-leafed weeds; it is a post emergence selective herbicide applied through a spraying technique. The early spring months tend to present a flourish of juvenile weeds. The herbicide, when applied at this early leaf stage, will control the presence of weeds within the lawn. Eventually throughout the growing season levels should be low enough to give an acceptable weed free lawn. The herbicide consists of active ingredients that work when the leaf of the weed is able to absorb the sprayed droplets. Once the leaf has captured the droplet, the active ingredient translocates its way into the root system; the hormone released into the root system activates the plant, affecting its metabolic process, encouraging the plant to work to the point of destruction. On the provision that growing conditions are good, visible results of weed eradication will start to show, gradually reducing the appearance of weeds over an approximate three week period.

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