SlowMow Lawn Treatment

Application of a Pesticide

The purpose of this programme is to reduce the vertical growth of the plant. After application the lawn will not grow as quickly vertically, however, it will increase lateral growth with a denser root system; with fewer clippings when cutting and the advantage of cutting it less often.

Our growth regulator SlowMow reduces the rate at which the grass plant grows, so you will not need to cut the grass so often. The treatment programme, targets the hormone that encourages cell elongation in the grass plant, slowing down vertical growth, but promoting lateral growth and root development, allowing the grass to become thicker and the lawn to become denser. The overall effect of this treatment is that the lawn produces a healthier, thicker, denser sward, better equipped to deal with hot, dry summers, moisture loss and general wear and tear.

Our new growth regulator will reduce the rate at which the grass plant grows, meaning you will not need to cut the grass quite so often, thereby allowing you to spend time in the garden doing other things.

The hormone that encourages vertical grass growth is called gibberelic acid. The product we use blocks the hormone late in the cycle in order to control the growth; however it does not stop the plant growing at its normal rate. The metabolic rate of the plant is the same, but the growing patterns have moved from vertical growth to increase lateral growth and increase root density.

When this product is applied, the grass will benefit from the following:

  • Improved root systems to help find water in dry conditions
  • A leaf which stays green due to the level of nutrients being supplied to a smaller leaf
  • A healthier plant due to the plant leaf being controlled
  • Increased lateral growth helps to thicken the sward

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