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Post Scarification Treatment

Lawn Treatment

Lawn Operative Wearing Full PPE, Applying a Herbicide Spray

What it does:

Stimulates chlorophyll activity which leads to a stronger, more robust grass and aids recovery following the scarification treatment.

What the treatment involves:

Spray of micro-nutrient feed over the complete lawn leading to a more resilient and stronger lawn. It consists of Iron, also known as iron sulphate or ferrous sulphate which helps the grass recover following the scarification treatment and helping prevent diseases in the lawn. It has the added benefit of dehydrating moss, aiding in the control of it on your lawn.

Why you need it:

Scarification is an intrusive process that will do some damage to the grass in your lawn. The Post Scarification treatment helps the lawn recover quicker and will suppress any lingering moss left in the lawn. It keeps the grass stable and strong following scarification, strengthening it and ensures a good colour for the rest of the season.

On the day:

This will normally take place immediately following scarification. Your qualified GreenThumb lawn operative will complete the scarification and then carry out the spray treatment.

They will then let you know what you can expect to see following the scarification, what you can do to continue the care of your lawn and let you know your next treatment date.

If you have any questions then please feel free to speak with your lawn operative or contact your local branch.