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July - Sept


  • Continue nourishing the lawn throughout summer
  • Controls weeds


  • Granular fertiliser
  • Targeted herbicide spray

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Late Summer Treatment

Continued stimulated growth and weed control

As the warm weather continues, we support the lawn’s growth and colour with a similar nutrient-rich fertiliser to the Early Summer Treatment, also coated to prevent rapid disintegration into the soil. For the best results and a wonderful looking lawn, you'll need to water your lawn regularly to ensure that the nutrients from the fertiliser are steadily released and consistently feeding the grass plant.

We also apply a herbicide to target any unsightly weeds that may have crept into the lawn during the summer period.

Lawn Treatment

How it works

To protect the grass plant, the fertiliser we use is completely coated with a polymer, which means we can apply it in the warmest conditions. The coating allows us to control the rate at which the Nitrogen releases, feeding the plant slowly. Watering is essential if there is no rainfall as it will help release the nutrient into the soil, where it feeds the plant. The formula of the fertiliser breaks down like this:

  • Nitrogen in a coated format for scorch-free, slow-release feeding
  • Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium to continue supporting the health of the plant

There is no Phosphorous in this mix because levels will still be enough in the soil from the Spring Treatment. The fertiliser is applied with a professional spreader to ensure that we don't apply too much at this time of the year.

After the first two treatments in the year, weed levels should be low but we're still looking out for any that may have germinated since the last treatment. Therefore, the herbicide we apply contains active ingredients that are suited to the time of year and which, along with correct calibration and spot spraying, should keep weeds under control.

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