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  2. Nutragreen 3 (Late Summer)


July - Sept


  • Continue nourishing the lawn throughout summer
  • Controls weeds


  • Granular fertiliser
  • Targeted herbicide spray

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Nutragreen 3 (Late Summer)

Continued stimulated growth and weed control

As the warm weather continues (hopefully). We support the lawn’s growth and colour with our Nutragreen 3 Treatment.

Since this time of the year, the lawn is most susceptible to dry weather. Our Nutragreen 3 fertiliser is a very small prill. This is so that the fertiliser quickly rolls to the soil level and not stay on the grass leaf for any length of time.

Lawn Treatment

The 100% Nitrogen coated portion of this fertiliser continues to feed the lawn over the next 10 weeks. For the best results and a wonderful looking lawn, watering by irrigation or rainfall is important. If there is no rainfall, it will just sit there, wait for the rain and then kick into action.

Not only is the fertiliser in our Nutragreen 3 Treatment bespoke and tailored for UK lawns. This treatment also benefits from GreenThumbs tailored liquid herbicide application. Often the more challenging lawn weeds present themselves at this time of the year and our tailored and regional variance approach to weed management is the best approach to dealing with these. If you have any left, of course.

Just in case you were wondering! There is no Phosphorous in this treatment because levels will still be enough in the soil from the previous Nutragreen Treatments.

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