Late Summer Treatment

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The fertiliser applied at this time of the year is similar to that of the summer treatment in that it is also coated to prevent the rapid disintegration into the soil. The fertiliser will continue to support growth and colour, encouraging a wonderful looking lawn, though it is vital that in the absence of regular rainfall, watering by the customer is required as to ensure that the nutrients from the fertiliser are steadily released into the lawn, providing a consistent feed to the grass plant.

To ensure protection of the grass plant, the fertiliser we use is completely coated with a polymer; this allows us to apply the fertiliser in the warmest of conditions. The coating allows us to control the rate at which the N releases, thereby feeding the plant slowly. Watering is not essential to the fertiliser, however, it will help it to release into the soil thus feeding the plant. The process where the water washes over the polymer into the prill softens the N, putting it under pressure; this is controlled by the sulphur within the prill, allowing good control of the release of N into the soil. There is no P in this mix due to the content of P within the soil from the first application of the fertiliser in the year. There is, however, some K, Mg+Ca continuing to provide support to the health of the plant. The application of this fertiliser is by using a professional spreader to control the amount of fertiliser applied to the lawn. This is measured so that we do not apply too much at this time of the year.

Weed levels should be low after the first two treatments, however, we are still looking out for the control of any that have germinated since the last treatment. The herbicide used at this time of the year would have the active ingredients that are suited to the time of year and, along with correct calibration and spot spraying, weeds should be kept under control.

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