Early Summer Treatment

Spreader Applying Fertilizer to a Lawn

On-going support to ensure a strong, healthy, vibrant lawn is achieved through feeding the plant with our slightly modified fertiliser, suitable for the summer months. The fertiliser used in this treatment is a coated fertiliser specifically designed to continue to feed the lawn despite the transition to warmer weather. The fertiliser is coated so that is more resistant against the rise in temperature, enabling the nutrients to break down steadily and slowly over a 10 week period rather than disintegrating rapidly.

Herbicide is also applied at this stage to continue to control any new weeds that may have invaded the lawn.

A slight increase to the ratio of N is applied to the fertiliser for this application. The N is fully coated to prevent it directly touching the plant; the prill, which is small, falls off the leaf into the sward. Once the prill is in the sward it waits for enough moisture to soften the N within the coating and then pressurises it to release into the soil. This process enables the restock of the level of nitrates within the soil to benefit the plant. The fertiliser also contains some K, Mg+Ca; these macronutrients help to sustain the plant, keeping it healthy and assisting the N to do what is needed. This fertiliser is applied in the same way as the spring fertiliser, with a professional spreader, which can be calibrated (measuring out the required amount to be applied to the lawn).

The herbicide will be applied either by a blanket or spot spraying technique, dependent on the number of weeds visible within the lawn. Our trained lawn advisor will identify the best technique for each lawn and also determine the mix of selective herbicide to use. There are different selective ingredients that are used within the herbicide, tailored to combat the type of weeds that are more evident within the lawn; broad-leaved weeds would require a similar application as used in the spring herbicide treatment, though the smaller, resilient small-leaved weeds require a different mix of active ingredients as to ensure the best results. These weeds tend to grow in patches on the lawn, therefore a spot spraying application would be used directly onto the weed.

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