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  2. Nutragreen 2 (Early Summer)


May - July


  • Stimulates growth and feed grass
  • Improves colour
  • Controls weeds


  • Granular fertiliser
  • Targeted herbicide spray

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Nutragreen 2 (Early Summer)

An essential top up for a thicker, greener lawn

Our Nutragreen 2 treatment helps your lawn to grow healthy and strong as the soil and air temperatures rise. We want your lawn to look its best at this time of the year as we know it’s the time you really start to use it.

The design of the Nutragreen 2 fertiliser element of this treatment is fully coated, has a low salt index and is structured to give up to 10 weeks of a balanced diet for the lawn. The goal is a thick rich green thick sward.

Tailored for Every Lawn Every Time

Nutrgareen 2 Treatment also includes a tailored herbicide application. Its tailored specifically for each lawn, depending on the weeds present and also which part of the UK you live in. Lawn weeds are different, so are the regions we find them and so are our treatments for them. This is unique to GreenThumb.

Lawn Treatment

How it works

The feed is a unique blend of a polymer coated fertiliser and naturally sourced mineral, designed to reduce scorch; it is a truly beneficial feed for the grass. Its formula breaks down like this:

  • Nitrogen: which encourages strength and colour, in an increased ratio compared to our Spring Treatment.
  • Potassium: helps to sustain the plant
  • Magnesium & Calcium: supports the Nitrogen to do its job.

The Nitrogen part of the treatment is fully coated to prevent it directly touching the plant as this can cause scorching.  (Nitrogen and lawns have a bit of a love/hate relationship). Nitrogen is slowly released in the soil to help restock the level of nitrates over the summer and to continue strengthening the plant.

The herbicide part of the treatment is designed to only affect weeds that have a leaf in the lawn. Its selective nature means that properly applied it won’t harm the grass, especially when target spraying. Depending on how many weeds can be seen in the lawn, it's applied either by a blanket or target spraying technique, determined by GreenThumb on the day.

Spreader Applying Fertilizer to a Lawn
Female Lawn Operative Applying Fertilizer to Lawn
Application of  a Herbicide Spray
Lawn Operative Wearing Full PPE, Applying a Herbicide Spray
Lawn Treatment
Application of a Pesticide

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