Autumn/Winter Treatment

Application of  a Herbicide Spray

The autumn and winter climate will eventually stop the grass from growing during this period. The treatment that is applied is different from the previous seasonal treatments in that this micro nutrient feed does not encourage growth but strengthens the plant for the rigours of winter. It dehydrates the moss and controls it by slowing down its activity. It also prepares the lawn for any mechanical work by keeping the moss spores to a low level.

The slowing down of growth within the lawn due to the seasonal conditions means that NPK is not as necessary. The application of the micro nutrient supports the development of chlorophyll within the grass plant, promoting a greener colour. The nutrient transfers into the leaf when mixed with water, though when conditions are moist the nutrient is absorbed into the plant via the root.  This process strengthens the grass, prepares it for winter conditions and also aids recovery after any mechanical work.

Moss is a common problem in lawns, which thrives in damp conditions; this application, although not a bespoke ‘moss killer’ will help to reduce its activity. The micro nutrient application scorches the moss which prevents the absorption of moisture. This process breaks down the plant structure which enables the removal of the moss from the lawn and allows the sward to develop in the spring.

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