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October - December


  • This is a liquid spray
  • Micronutrient feed to strengthen grass


  • Strengthens grass for Winter
  • Dehydrates moss

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NutraGreen Autumn Long

Stronger and greener grass to cope with the winter

Our NutraGreen ‘Autumn Long’ includes our micronutrient feed which helps the lawn cope with the rigours of Aeration and Scarification and to also endure the winter weather. This treatment strengthens the grass whilst dehydrating any moss that is present in your lawn, slowing down its growth and spread.

Lawns have a natural build-up of thatch. Thatch creates an environment which moss loves, making lawns spongy. Aeration and Scarification reduces surface and below the surface thatch. Autumn is a good time of the year to have this done on your lawn. If it’s not included in your treatment programme why not add it on or join our Standard or Ultimate programmes to receive a generous discount.

All your treatments throughout the year will have contributed greatly to a long-lasting, beautiful lawn, even throughout winter. We look forward to continuing this journey with you and making your lawn the centrepiece of your garden.


Thatch, thatch and more thatch. The main cause of moss on British lawns is sub-surface thatch. This mechanical operation reduces it and allows oxygen, water and other important nutrients to get to the grass roots.

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Lawn Scarification

Moss lives on thatch found on the surface of a lawn too. This mechanical operation thins it out. This is not lawn raking but a professional surface thatch reduction using a specialist reel.

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