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My Green Thumb review!

My lawn was looking awful, Happy?, I was not
Moss and Yellow patches, weeds, it had the lot
A simple course of action, a great lawn was my aim
Nothing that I seemed to do, the lawn it stayed the same

Time to get in expert help, I called the Green Thumb Team
Can I have a lovely lawn?, it can't be just a dream
After a lawn analysis, a plan was put in place
Bringing my lawn back to life, to put a smile back on my face

Off came the Thatch, a weed and feed, it really had begun
It seemed at last, a plan that worked, the weeds were on the run
The Chafer Grubs have left me with their Leather Jackets on
No more eating my Grass Roots, they really have all gone

Soon the Moss had blackened, Yellow had turned to Green
No longer a lawn to hide away, but one that should be seen
The mower is now so happy, it's blades cut neat and true
Simply because, my lovely lawn, is courtesy of you.

GreenThumb (Shropshire)

Mr Bain, 12.02.2020

Unit 3, Bert Smith Way
Adderley Road Industrial Estate
Market Drayton
Telephone: 01630 655888