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I am writing to you today to express my thanks for the excellent service you have provided to me through the treatments you have carried out on my lawn. Last August my mother and I moved house and realised that the front lawn was in a worn out state. It was covered with weeds and moss and the drainage was poor. After trying unsuccessfully to tackle these problems myself I decided to contact GreenThumb Swansea.

I am extremely happy with the results. Following only two treatments the lawn has completely been transformed. Now it truly is a first rate lawn! There are virtually no weeds or moss in sight and the sword of grass has become thicker and greener. Even our neighbours have noticed the massive change. When asked what I have done I give credit to the help I have had from GreenThumb.

I have attached some photographs and wondered whether my lawn was good enough to go on your website or twitter page? I certainly hope it is. I look very much forward to the next treatment and to see results next summer.

Martin from Swansea GreenThumb has been excellent. He takes the time to explain how treatments work and has always given me additional advice when I contact him. The customer service I have received has been fantastic.

Thank you all at GreenThumb!

GreenThumb (Swansea)

Joseph, Swansea, 01.03.2017

17 Dale Road
SA61 1HZ
Telephone: 01792 341313